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Wizgear Magnetic Black Friday Deals 2021

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Wizgear Magnetic Black Friday Deals

Today on review this thing we’re gonna review this thing the whiz gear magnetic car mount  if you’re looking for an easy way to mount your phone to your car so that you can have easy access to it for making bluetooth calls or for using navigation then this might be just for you as always on review this thing i want to cover all five facts.


The first piece of that is fit now we have one of these mounted in all three of our vehicles it’s pretty easy to mount you just peel this off and then once you get the the backing peeled off you just find the surface on your car where you want it clean that off with some rubbing alcohol and then press it down i think you hold it for like 30 seconds or so and then they say to leave it for overnight 24 hours before you mount a phone to it the nice thing about fit is that this is actually a pretty small surface i know often uh car mounts have that big suction cup or like a big thing that you have to stick but especially in my car you can see it’s fairly small so i needed to find a place where i could uh sit it and it would actually fit and then i could mount my thumb so this kit is actually a two pack and it’s like 14 on amazon right now so it comes with two of these guys and then it also comes with several adhesive magnets that you just peel off the back and stick to your the back of your phone mine is on the back cover because mine is a credit card holder but most of them you can actually stick inside the cover and then put the phone in it so you can’t even see it the magnets fit really well on the case because they’re not too big but they’re big enough to fit on this magnetic mount and it just magnetizes right to the holder and once you get your mount in place you can see that you can rotate it you can go up down side to side so as long as you can find a surface that’s about that big to put it on that’s near where you want your phone to be then it should fit perfectly just fine so because of that and like i said we have it in three vehicles and it works fantastic so because of that i’m gonna give fit a five out of five now is the whiz gear magnetic phone mount as advertised one big thing they talk about is that it’s not bulky and won’t take up a bunch of space we’ve talked about that already you can see i mean it’s pretty small and then the phone just fits right on there so it definitely isn’t bulky doesn’t take up a lot of space again like some of those things that mount with the suction cups the other thing they talk about is that it won’t block your air vents so this particular kind you don’t have to stick in the air vent with your phone right in front where i have mined it’s a little bit um when once i put my phone on it it blocks the air vent just a tiny bit but not enough to to cause a problem same thing in our other vehicles it does not block airflow coming out so it definitely is advertised in that regard it’s also advertised that it fits most phones pretty much if you can put the magnet on it it should fit it also is advertised to swivel.

Wizgear Magnetic


I showed you a little bit of that before but it will go up down side to side it has this little ball attachment that it just pops right on and so that piece right there will just pop on that and then that way it can swivel around it’s a lot looser until you tighten that piece there and then that just controls how easily it’ll rotate so that way if you put your phone on it it’s not just just falling over it’s also advertised to have a strong magnet i’ll show you that here it definitely holds our phones pretty well it’s uh we have iphone 11 pro i believe and have fairly sturdy cases on both of our phones and don’t have any trouble with it coming off or sliding off sometimes it’s actually a little bit hard to pull them off so you have to just hold it just right to get it off sometimes and finally it’s advertised to have a sturdy base as i mentioned we’ve had these in our cars for a couple years now and so far had not had any problems with the base at all we did have a little bit of an issue with this plastic piece but we’ll cover that here in just a second so the whiz gear magnetic car mount seems to do what it says it’s supposed to do because of that i’m going to give as advertised a 5 out of 5. now on to construction and durability as i showed you a little bit before you just peel this off you stick it on where you want it and then once you have it stuck on there pretty good you just take that piece and you pop it on wait till it clicks then you tighten it with that handy dandy little screw piece right there and then you’re set so construction it’s very easy to use and it holds up pretty well also as i began to mention in the as advertised section we’ve had them for a couple years and they’ve held up really well the one of these we had in my husband’s car this piece right here um just kind of disintegrated a few months ago i don’t really know what happened but it just this piece here broke and we had to replace it um but the good thing is these are like 14 for a two pack so we just bought another two pack and then just replaced this piece right here so just popped it on tighten it up overall two out of three we haven’t had any trouble with at all so.


I think in that regard the durability is pretty strong it’s really easy to mount with this adhesive backing and the magnets are also really easy to mount to your phone case as well again we just had that one small issue there but they’re cheap enough to replace and it lasted like two years before we had to replace it anyway so because of that i’m going to give construction and durability on the whiz gear a 5 out of 5. now on to testimonials and reviews i bought these from amazon so that’s where i went to check out the reviews this device has had over 13 000 reviews and it gets a 4.4 out of 5. a vast majority of those obviously are fours and fives out of fives but as always we like to tell you what negative experiences people have had so what are the one and two scores one of the things people said the adhesive didn’t work at all i’m sure there are some duds out there thankfully we’ve bought three different packs and none of them have had a problem sticking either the magnets or this to the inside of your car so unfortunately i hate it for them but i don’t know what that issue was some people have also mentioned that the alcohol swabs inside the pack are dried out so maybe those products have just been sitting around for too long again ours were fine no problems at all a few other people complained that it doesn’t stay tight and the phone flops around uh the few times that ours have come loose you just reach back and you just tighten that screwed piece in again and ever it tightened right up with no problems and then a few people mentioned that this plastic piece here came undone or the plastic piece that we had trouble with broke that is true but it did take two years for that to happen so for me that was definitely not not a deal breaker as always here on review this thing we give it the score that we found for testimonials and reviews so because of that i’m going to give testimonials and reviews a 4.4 out of 5. okay the reason you’re here the reason you watch the video to this point should you buy this thing i would say 100 give these a try especially if you’re looking for something that’s just real quick and easy stick it in your car put the magnet on your case and then everybody in your family can can have some place whenever they’re driving your car all the drivers that comes with enough magnets that you can have five different people driving the same car and they’ll just be able to pop their phone on and off right there so it’s safer it’s easier to to manage and to look at for me the big thing with these is navigation my car does have navigation but i prefer google maps so with having it mounted where i do i can still see the road not be distracted but then also be able to see and look at the directions as they’re coming up also if you get a notification for a phone call you can just easily hit the button talk through your bluetooth and listen to those directions through your bluetooth as well so for me this 100 did what i needed it to absolutely fit the bill for what i was looking for and i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again you get a two-pack for 14 bucks uh the link is below if it’s something you want to try and for 14 bucks why not give it a try we have it in all our cars and i absolutely love it so should you buy this thing 100 we’re going to give it a 5 out of 5.




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