ViewSonic Pa503x 3600 Projector Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get ViewSonic Pa503x 3600 Projector black Friday deals available on the internet & ViewSonic Pa503x 3600 Projector cyber Monday deals also.

ViewSonic Pa503x 3600 Projector Black Friday Deals

Well today we’re going to look at the viewsonic projector a great projector for a home theater and to do this review or we also do a comparison with the old standby the Epson and we have an Epson right here so if you look at the two the first thing you’re going to notice and I’ve been using this epsilon for a long time I do a lot of presentations a lot of traveling it’s been great for that I’m gonna suggest that the Epson has some advantages and disadvantages in both ways let me explain why I chose that one for traveling .


Appreciate astonishing pictures in various conditions with the ViewSonic PA503X 3600-Lumen XGA DLP Projector. Its 3600 lumens of splendor can beat encompassing light all around, making it suitable for presentation zones like gathering rooms and study corridors. The 1024 x 768 XGA neighborhood objective is sensible for showing many record and report types, and it will recognize video hails up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) for more significant standard sources.

ViewSonic Pa503x 3600 Projector


The viewsonic for a home theater the first thing you’ll notice of course is the size difference yep so it is smaller it fits into a smaller bag also other things you’ll see is it has a compartment door that will protect the lens which is very nice viewsonic on the other hand weighs in are about two pounds more 7.1 pounds versus 5.2 so it is a little heftier a little larger to carry a little bit bulkier a couple other things and you also notice – it does not have the lens protector there which is nice couple other features I really like on the Epson if you look up here you can see there’s the zoom or a telephoto or wide it zooms it back and forth when we look over the viewsonic we also see there is one here now I’m gonna suggest abuse sonic has a difference of about twenty percent compared to about 40% for the Epson so for quick setups that’s an advantage also you’ll notice there’s a focus ring right here and it has a little lever on the outside of it on the Epson which makes it easier to use there’s also a focus ring right here but it does not have the lever on it so that makes it a little more difficult to use a couple other things that I’ll point out that really important one is the I’m going to look at the feet on the if you look at the feet you can see at the bottom this has padded feet which is very nice the front foot is the only one adjustable the back feet are not and the screws to go up and down when we look at the Epson we see that the feet on this the back feet are adjustable so if you have an uneven surface that’s nice the front foot is much easier to use you just press a button and it adjusts you whichever height that you want it to be so it really is very handy for traveling one more feature that this has that the viewsonic does not have and that’s an adjustment right here if you’re if you pointed your projector at an odd angle this will compensate for it now let’s take a look at the back because there are some differences here look at the back we’re going to see they both have inputs now one of the things you’ll notice here is the speaker here’s the speaker on the Epson the speaker on the viewsonic is not visible and I’ll say it’s very weak it probably has half the volume that the absent does at best one thing it does have though is it has outputs for speakers so you can use an external speaker on this what you’d really want to do because the output is so low in the speaker whereas the epson has no external feature on their focal range .


We look at this I mentioned before the Epson when you adjust the range it will project on a 100 inch screen from about 9 feet away now when I put the viewsonic at the same distance about 9 feet away it will only be about 60 to 70% as big what that means is four ought to put it at a hundred inch screen I need about fourteen feet so what that means is that this one will have to be farther away than the Epson so when I look at this I’d say this is perfect for traveling smaller more adjustable sets up easier on the other hand the viewsonic is a great one for a home it’s not as adjustable for setups it is a little larger and heavier what you do have it set up though you don’t need all those adjustments because it stays in place it does have a little larger a longer range that can be a plus if you have a large room I want to mount this one in the ceiling of my house and so that’ll work just about right to be about 14 feet away also it does have the outputs for a sound system which I really want and that’s going to be a big plus as well the quality of the picture is probably pretty comparable I will say the viewsonic is probably a little bit brighter so that’s a big plus and it’s a very clear picture both at fairly quiet fans I’m in against review sonic might be just a little bit quieter so to sum it up both very good projectors as I said the Epson a great one for traveling it and it has a better better adjustments better speaker on the other hand if you’re not going to move it use it for a home theater keep it in place the viewsonic is a very nice choice .


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