ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  ViewSonic PA503S 3800  black Friday deals available on the internet & ViewSonic PA503S 3800 cyber Monday deals also.

ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Black Friday Deals

Today I wanted to do a review on my projector that i use for my tv at home viewing and the projector that i use is the viewsonic 3800 i wanted to state that this is strictly a consumer review i am in no way any kind of text expert i don’t know much about lumens or anything like that so this is just a general everyday consumer experience but i hope this is helpful because a lot of you guys were commenting and asking about it from my apartment tour .


i just i’m gonna get started you can get this projector on amazon for dollars for me it came within two to three days with amazon prime shipping really easy to set up it’s kind of like a plug and play kind of thing it comes with this little remote really cute which is really handy it’s just like watching your tv has the basic functions and dials um i only really use it to put the volume on and turn it on and off um it also has a dial on the projector itself so i use that more often just because i don’t know why but yeah picture wise the projector projects a really clear image it’s actually really nice of course this depends on what kind of thing you’re streaming from so like let’s say you’re streaming a 480p youtube video it’s going to show up as 480p on your screen it’s not going to be like 1080 from a 480 video obviously um if you’re streaming something from netflix that’s a little newer it’s going to look really nice i’m telling you the image is pristine phenomenal amazing talented it’s great so this is an example of what the projector looks with the light on the studio light just facing it and it’ll look a little distorted because my camera lens just shows it that way but it doesn’t have the films running up and down and then yeah see i don’t know why it looks like it’s broken but it’s not but you can see how great it is one thing to note with the image though is that the text is not great so subtitles are great because bigger text looks fine with the projector but smaller text and i’m talking like text on an excel sheet or the text in the episode description or if you’re googling something and just wanted to project it on the screen like small text for whatever reason doesn’t perform well on the with the projector and i just wanted to point that out in case that was something that you were looking for it’s not great so i wanted to be clear and put that out there as far as sound goes sound is not that great either but if you use an external speaker it can be really really good so i use an external speaker with my projector because it really amplifies the sound .

ViewSonic PA503S 3800



if you don’t use an external speaker it’s fine i’ll show you guys what it really sounds like with the internal built-in speaker now i’m going to play the sound so you guys can hear the internal speakers that it comes with it’s kind of low it’s not muffled it’s clear but it’s just like pretty low and if you were to have like a couple friends over you wouldn’t have a really great auditory experience because it’s so low it’s like it’s fine if you’re by yourself whatever but if you’re like entertaining up with other people not everyone could hear the sound probably so that’s why i would strongly suggest investing in some kind of speaker this is a treblab speaker that you can get on amazon it’s one of the cheaper ones it looks like a jbl speaker but it’s actually just like an off-brand um one that you can get off amazon and honestly works pretty well i use this for other things beyond the projector i use it like for listening to music or whatever in the morning so if you wanted to connect an external speaker you can just use an aux cable .

you can use bluetooth and on that note i wanted to note that the projector itself is not bluetooth friendly so you might be like okay so you just said you can connect via bluetooth with the speaker well you can you can connect your bluetooth speaker to your laptop or whatever device you’re using to stream so what i do is i take my laptop and i connect that to the bluetooth and that’s how i get the audio working one other thing to note because i want to be really clear with you guys on the experience and like all the limitations and the great things as well but one thing to know is that since it’s not bluetooth compatible you cannot connect the projector to your phone because the projector takes certain types of ports so i’ll show you the back of it but it takes like mini usb ports it takes the old-school computer like monitor hdmi ports it also takes usb type c ports which is what i use for my pixel book and that’s also compatible with macbooks it also takes usb type a ports which are kind of like anything that i would have like this kind of ending to it what i use is a port that looks like this it’s like the end of a macbook charger or like a pixel book charger it looks like this a usb type c and you can get that like on from best buy i think i got mine for like 25 from best buy .

last thing i wanted to point out was the image size of the projector so and just like what i project on so i can show you guys but obviously the further you project from the bigger the image is going to be so if you’re going to be like in a really small apartment which i’m actually in a very small apartment the room that i project in is my living space and this measures like 17 by 11 feet i think but it’s pretty small so what i do is i take the projector i put it all the way on one end of the room and i project all the way on the other side of the room sorry friends my bed is not made so i don’t want to show you but my projectors all the way on the far opposite end of the wall i took advantage of the length of the room is where i keep my projector this is actually a monitor stand i’m not allowed to drill holes in my apartment so i just thought the next best thing is to have something that can just like be mobile and i can move around so this is a monitor stand i got it from b h photo i can link it down below so i lowered it to the lowest it can go on the projectors on the monitor stand this is my quote unquote projector screen which is actually just a blank white wall so there’s nothing here i put nothing on it because i project my images on here so that’s what i do i don’t use a screen you can use the screen though but this is what i do um in short what you need to know is that the image is bomb the audio is okay but you can fix that so i hope that review was helpful because i got a lot of comments and questions about my projector and it’s i think it’s a really good way to save space in a smaller space it kind of feels like a movie experience especially with the use of a speaker and the best place to put a speaker when you are using a projector is to put it or using tv whatever is to put it behind you because then you get like that surround sound sort of experience .

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