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Spigen Apple Watch Stand (s350) Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Spigen Apple Watch Stand (s350) black Friday deals available on the internet & Spigen Apple Watch Stand (s350) cyber Monday deals also.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand (s350) Black Friday Deals

How’s it hanging folks it’s the engine from Mao imagine I’m here with the spigen Apple watch stand basically this is just a low-cost option.


Now it’s the pros go it’s nice and affordable under $15 it works in nightstand mode which came on with watch OS 2 so you have that little nightstand on there if you would like and it works with any size of the Apple watch a 38 or the 42 millimeter with that little adapter that’s been included you can go ahead and look at the con side of things.

Spigen Apple Watch Stand (s350)


It is super lightweight now while that could be a good thing it’s kind of a bad thing because you literally have to use that adhesive to stick it down which means you can’t move this around not only can you not move it on your nightstand you can’t move it from your nightstand to your desk or even when you’re traveling you’re gonna have to completely take your puck out of there and just leave that stuck where it is and obviously it’s made out of plastic a much less premium material then the metal or the leather options that we’ve looked at but again you can’t fit 10 to 15 dollars so it’s decent for what it is this is a very good charger .


If you’re looking for a nice and simple Apple watch dock this will work with all models of the Apple watch that’s any finish as well as any size so it’ll work with a 38 millimeter as well as the 42 there’s a tiny little adapter included in there that’ll make it sitting upright so it doesn’t like sit down because the 42 obviously is a little bit taller than the 38 this very well works with knife stand mode and it exclusively works at night stand mode so this will only work with your watch horizontally so if you’re looking something to display your watch over to Cle this will not work as you can see here here’s this little simple rubber adapter it works it gets the job done and fortunately does not have the same finish as the rest of the stand but we’re looking at a 10 to 15 dollar option here.

I feel like we shouldn’t be that picky on bottom is a fancy little nano suction pad similar to what’s on the bottom of the moss organizers that little micro suction material lots of different things have there’s a couple different iPad stands and we’ve had this material but basically this will allow it to stick to any surface very easily without using any actual adhesive the charger the puck does not come with it so you doofus apply that obviously for you know 10 to 15 dollars and it will work in either orientation so if you’re looking to have the cord going out to the left it will work or going out to the right so no matter which side of your beds I need me to throw this on it will work just as well it is very nice because the puck will line up perfectly with the front of the charger it’ll be completely flush compared to some other cheaper less detail-oriented stands that are out there on the market as far as what the stand is made out of it is made out of a scratch free TPU which is going to basically give us a nice minimalist aesthetic while still coming in under 20 bucks now I do really like this stand and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a lot of the premium ones that we’ve covered however you do have to use that suction otherwise this this will not stay down it is not heavy at all it’s very lightweight so gonna have to make sure you use that suction which means this is not good for travel at all.

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