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Garmin VivoFit Jr Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get Garmin VivoFit Jr black Friday deals available on the internet & Garmin VivoFit Jr cyber Monday deals also.

Garmin VivoFit Jr Black Friday Deals

Star Wars ones are actually pretty cool man. I think the BB-8 one is a bit better but it’s like no way I could fit the stretchy one but I reckon this one could actually fit though. It’s pretty small. actually it actually fits too. It actually fits. I’m wearing this one man. Taking this one home. I’m wearing this one man. Taking this one out. Taking this one. Hey this is Mat from Johnny Appleseed GPS.


Today we’re talking about the new vivofit jr . They are basically just the newest thing from Garmin and they’re basically replacing the original vivofit jr. And they’re all for your kids. and the kids at heart. They come in new designs sponsored by Disney so if you like your Marvel Avengers your Star Wars, your Minnie Mouse then this is exactly for your kids. They also come in different band lengths now as well so you get your actual sort of stretchy band like the bb-8 star wars one and then you get the more adjustable one such as this other star wars one. So each design comes in a stretchy and adjustable. Essentially the stretchy is for basically around four to seven years old and adjustable one’s for six-year-olds over. So that includes those who are young at heart. And yeah so let’s open one up and have a look around shall we. This is a Minnie version from stretchy style here You can sort of see if you turn around. So yeah so this is for basically the for the 4-7 age group. Right now it’s not connected to the mobile app so there so there’s not too many options we can do. But basically, download the vivofit jr mobile app on your phone or your tablet and that basically gives you the control so we’ll do that now so you can get an idea of how to actually, how that’s actually done so you basically just want to open that up.

Garmin VivoFit Jr


Basically it’s pretty much like pairing a Bluetooth device you sort of get a four digit code make sure it’s the same on the phone as it is on the watch so yeah then you’ll ask for a six digit code that appears on the pin so you just got enter that one in. So I’ll do that now. So that’s connected. Then it will ask what the name of your kid is. You can give it maybe a nickname or whatever. So here we are now that we’ve synced the watch. You notice that there’s sort of a slight difference now. This with new features and things like that so this is one of what it’s actually sort of fully working. notice it’s got the time now and the kids name there so that way they know who’s watch it is and you’ll also notice that there’s actually a green backgrounds because it’s got a color screen now that’s one of the new features they’ve added with compared to the original vivofit jr’s is the fact that now it’s a colour screen so if you just hit this button it scrolls through. So here we’ve got a calendar some things like a step counter with the icon that you chose and pretty much just all your basic sort of fitness tracking and things like that.

Your chores it’s just sort of got everything you want and in some other new features include basically a timer, a stopwatch for your kids and then they have a new what’s known as the toe-to-toe challenge. Where you can challenge other vivofit junior wearers to basically like races where you try and count as many steps as you can as quick as you can. Just basically that incentivize kids to be active and everything like that. And then you just get your options and things like that which not many people sort of worry too much about and yes that’s just sort of a basic of what the watches’ do. So yeah. So now that we’ve paired the phone with the watch let’s have a look at what the app allows you to do in terms of sort of tracking your kids activities, setting up chores and rewards and things of that nature. So here we have the sort of app open here we have it selected on Odie which is the kid we created there and so let’s say we want to have a look at his activities. So under the activities menu we can have a look at things like his step count how many minutes has been active for, for that day we can also track his sleep cycle there so we’re gonna have an idea of how his sleep was. If it was a good night bad night. Was he Restless things of that nature we can also have a look at sort of previous days or previous weeks there so it’s not just tied to one day there but yeah that’s sort what you can sort of track through the activity menu. When you go back you can then look at the chores here. So this is where we can create chores for the kids to do. Set up reminders for them, setup rewards so they can earn towards a goal there and we’ll just sort of run through a basic example now. So if see we’re selecting a new chore for example.

Load it up and let’s say we wanted our kid to clean the kitchen. Yeah so you can also sort of type in whatever you want. But we’re just gonna sort of select something from the pre-menu and then just go back and let’s say we want to set a value of that reward so this will come into play later when we talk about the rewards section of the app. But for now let’s just say it’s worth sort of two gold coins and then we can set up the frequency so you can change if this chore is going to happen sort of everyday sort of once every week once every sort of couple of days just whatever you feel is necessary for that particular chore. You can then set a reminder. So when you’ve set a reminder essentially the watch will buzz and let your kid know that it’s time to do his chore and also set a timer for him to complete that chore. And then you can also duplicate this chore for other kids so if you want to set the same chore for separate kids you you don’t have to sort of keep creating each individual chore on each individual kids profile you can just do it right through here. So once you’ve done that just hit the save button there it is. You can see it tell you when they’ve done it and It will tell you when they’ve collected their reward. So let me go back into the main menu again you can see here’s the reward section here so here’s where you basically setup the rewards for your kids to work towards. So let’s say just an example you can type whatever you want or you can choose from the list below. So let’s say the reward we want to give Odie is he can buy an app. So once we’ve hit that, we set the price for it. So let’s say after ten coins you can then buy him buy an app of his choice. Once we sort of save that, hit the save and you’ll notice that when we go to watch itself there’s actually a little piggy bank icon that will tell you or tell the kid how many coins he has left in his bank and show him towards just how much how close he is to earning his reward.


Once we set that up and we’ve set sort of the buy app or the rewards that’s pretty much the main things you can do. You can go into settings, under settings and do things like alarms and whatever but it’s generally just used for basic maintenance there. So once that’s all done you can then move on towards the sort of kids side of the app which we’ll do now. Which is sort of the adventures zone part. So now let’s look at some of the adventure side of things so this is for kids to use on the app basically because we got the minnie one we’ll have the minnie adventure but you also got the Marvel adventure and the star wars adventure depending on the band you purchase. So let’s have a quick look at this sort of side of it. Essentially how it works is for every sort of sixty minutes of activity that your kids complete they get to take a step in their adventure they basically, get to earn little rewards like different icons for their watches there’s a little story that they can follow along with and things of that sort of nature. So this is just sort of the first level here you can sort of see it says 60 minutes of activities in order to move you can then choose basically level up unlock new icons, unlock badges, you get a little journal to help you kids follow along with the story and so that’s just sort of the basics of the adventure. We won’t spoil too much of it now but it’s just a neat little addition that Garmin have added to make things a bit more fun for your kid. So that’s pretty much it for the vivofit jr 2. They’ve added a couple of new features compared to the original vivofit jr. Some things like the adjustable bands which makes it easier for the older kids basically these small features that add things like the Easy trackability of your kid’s activities and sleep and the ability to set up chores a bit easier and it make that more manageable. Which is very helpful for some of the parents out there. The ability to sort of track the rewards also means that it gives kids more of an incentive to work towards when they’re doing their chores and the adventures also just makes kids hopefully makes them more active and incentives them to be out there and enjoy the outdoors a bit more, that’s pretty much it for us today.

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