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Garmin Instinct Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Instinct Black Friday Deals

what’s going on folks I’m Desmond Desmond and this is the garment instinct one of the more interesting devices that garments are least in recent times so carbon makes a lot of different types of watches from the more smart watch like vivoactive 3 the more sports oriented for our 645 and 935 and then if you were more of an outdoor adventure type you’d have to take out a second mortgage to get into the Phoenix town of watches but there wasn’t anything necessarily in between.


The garmin instinct comes into play and it’s kind of a blend of all these different types of watches with a completely different design that you wouldn’t necessarily expect on a garment so I’ve been testing the garment instinct over the last couple months using it for everything from trail running and hiking to mountain biking and road biking running both outdoors and indoors but also did make sure to take it inside to test it for stuff like weight training and high intensity animal training rowing as well as swimming just so you can get a better idea of how it’s gonna work for you so if this video does help you out at all don’t be shy about hitting that like button down below it’s a small little thing that you can do that helps a channel out a lot and I definitely appreciate it so with that all the way let’s talk about the Garmin instinct so at first glance you could argue that Garmin’s just taking heavy inspiration from some watches from Casio or they’re just trying to cash in on that retro look but after using it for the last couple months I actually have to say that they put a lot of thought in the design of the instinct and this isn’t just all for looks before the instinct.

Garmin Instinct


If you wanted to buy a Garmin for durability you had to pony up for the Phoenix line which can sometimes be overkill and although the instinct is only made out of a plastic it is claimed to be built to 810g US military standards for thermal shock and water resistance down to 100 meters and because it is made out of plastic it is gonna be quite spell only weighing 52 grams so for comparison the standard Phoenix 5 Plus weighs 86 grams and then 76 grams we have the titanium version so it’s gonna be a nice lightweight watch it comes in just one size but the strap is extremely long with notches all the way along the entire strap so should fit a variety of wrist sizes I also quite like how the buttons are nearly flush with the case which should prevent actual presses and the buttons also do have a nice texture on them now the display itself is also what sets it apart from other garments at first I was a little bit disappointed that it was not a color display but after using it outside a lot.

I really warmed up to it because although it is only a monochrome display it has an incredible amount of contrast which makes it very readable in direct sunlight and then going back to its durability you’ll also notice that the display is gonna be recessed to protect it even further since it’s made out of chemically strengthened glass and it does not have a sapphire glass screen option but the other really unique thing about this display is this little cutout window so at first I thought it was maybe a little bit gimmicky and they were just doing it just to be different what chip very well is but I came to quite liked it as it provides an extra little space for a highlight piece of information because it really does stand out for instance for swimming it shows your last lap time when you press the lap key that’s pretty cool and then another cool thing is that they really put a lot of thought into the watch faces the stock watch face is pretty unique with a graph in the upper left hand corner that can show your heart rate graph over the last four hours steps or other bits of information and then you also have two additional complications on the bottom along with the time of course so there are twelve watch faces to choose from however there are actually only six different actual layouts and bear with me as I hope I can explain this correctly so you have six different layouts and then each layout has an inverted version a white background version and then a black background version but you can customize the data fields on each one individually it’s not that the black version just mirrors the same data fields at the white version so I hope that makes sense but as much as I do like the contrast as a display as well as that little cutout window I do wish that the display was a little bit larger there’s a pretty noticeable black bezel or border of sorts around the display .


I do wish that it wasn’t quite there and I’m guessing that this has something to do with the military-grade durability but that’s just merely a guess though but the big advantage of being a monochrome display is that it will offer a pretty good battery life with up to 14 days in SmartWatch mode in 16 hours in GPS mode and I was getting about 12 days in SmartWatch mode with plenty of notifications and then I think it was about 12 14 hours in GPS mode so that I think that’s pretty darn respectable now in regards to this feature set like I said it’s kind of like a blend between a vivoactive 3 and a 4 or 645 but they did put a lot more emphasis into the outdoor adventure features like a three axis compass a barometric altimeter as well as GPS navigation using courses along with a breadcrumb style map but it does not have full-blown mapping like you get on the phoenix 5x or Phoenix five-plus line of watches it does also have trackback which basically allows you to follow your track back to where you came from as well as distance to your destination you can also put in specific coordinates using its site and go function and then it also does have sunrise and sunset times in terms of customization using the trail run activity as an example you can customize the data screens to have up to five fields which is up to four fields on the main display with one additional field in the cutout window then you have tons of alerts for different things like heart rate pace distance and elevation a metronome auto lap auto pause how to climb 3d speed 3d distance whether you want to enable the lap key automatic scrolling of data pages the GPS modes including plain old GPS GPS plus clone as and then GPS plus Galileo as well as the ultra track mode just so you can get up to 40 hours of battery life so this is gonna be really good for people like ultra runners.

It also has a power save timeout and then changing the background color so it does come with a pretty broad feature set but there are two things that are missing in my opinion and the first things gonna be the lack of vo2 Max so I know a lot of runner friends that really liked the look of this watch but they still want vo2 max oh I’d love to see that in there but the other thing missing is the lack of Garmin Connect IQ for stuff like data pages and that’s kind of a big bummer now although the instinct is aimed at the outdoor market they didn’t forget about SmartWatch features and it does have some basic stuff like notifications calendar of events weather information that’s pulled for your film .

It does not come with Garmin Paden or music storage and playback however does still come with music controls to control the music playing back on your phone it does also come with a long list of activity profiles with all the standard ones you would expect but it does also come with both pool swimming as well as open water swimming winter sports profiles like skiing snowboarding cross-country skiing and then water sports like kayak stand-up paddleboarding and rowing and the gym based activities like indoor rowing strength training a generic cardio profile yoga elliptical stare metal and floor climb and then we have tactical as well as bone but in regards to this performance is a fitness device let’s first go through GPS and spoiler alert there’s really no issues that I had here for running we see some pretty solid tracks for road running and then for trail running again very solid tracks overall this portion here is along the tree line where we were going in and out of some trees and it laid down some nice solid tracks for road biking it was super solid we can see some really solid tracks throughout this entire ride with just some occasional variance on some tighter corners now for a tougher GPS test let’s also look at mountain biking where it also did lay down some pretty solid tracks even over some tight switchbacks while we were going at slower speeds going uphill as well as faster speeds going downhill and then even in some heavy tree cover it did perfectly fine and it was similar to other test devices now I did experience some issues with the barometric altimeter though where it was collecting lower figures than other test devices and I did even try to test the latest beta firmware to see if we would clear this up and as the beginning of January 2019 it still seems to be reporting low.

now I will have to say though that the Phoenix five-plus did experience the same thing was the first initial firmwares so I’m pretty confident that that will pry get cleared up with the instinct eventually now for heartrate the instinct uses the same elevate heart rate sensor that’s been around for a couple of years now and it’s performance is okay for running and indoor cycling but does get a bit thrown off with some other activities for running it does a pretty good job here with a few occasional high readings and then you’ll notice it flatlined here for a second but no for all this was looking pretty good for Road biking you’ll see some not so wonderful readings here where there was a rapid change in heart rate but sometimes it did fall along with a chest heart rate strap pretty closely but then for mountain biking well this is basically what you get from risk-based heart rate well mountain biking but don’t be too alarmed this other than weight training is pretty much the toughest test for risk-based heart rate even the Apple watch series 4 which is arguably one of the best risk-based heart rate sensors on the marker and now did flatline a few occasions so this is kind of par for the course for mountain biking at least and then for weight training and high-intensity interval training again just like mountain biking we’re talking about an activity that involves a lot of wrist flexion and arm movement which can throw off a wrist pace heart rate sensor but surprisingly there were actually some portions that actually looked better than mountain biking there were most definitely some points where it did not know what was going on but I do have to say that it did track okay in some areas I was actually kind of surprised that it could keep track at some points during weight training but I still would probably suggest an external heart rate strap for the most accurate results weight training and then brewings gonna be another activity that wasn’t exactly awesome for heart rate and then finally for swimming I’m actually just starting to become a more serious swimmer and that’s actually thanks to all you all because I want to be able to test as many aspects of these devices as possible so thank you for tuning in and pushing me become a better swimmer but the instinct will provide a few different predefined pool lengths to choose from along with a custom setting and then for the data that it collects it has your total time distance along with some more detailed metrics such as your swath score stroke counts as well as a detailed breakdown of your laps and it does also augarmin instincttomatically detect your stroke type which I did find to be pretty accurate between freestyle and breaststroke at least now I was able to pair the instinct with the HRM swim to get real-time heart rate however it didn’t download the heart rate data after the session like what will happen on more advanced watches like the Phoenix and this didn’t necessarily come as a surprise to me but if I was doing something wrong or if you have any more information about this please let us all know in the comment section below so in terms of its performances fitness device the GPS is going to be rock-solid the altimeter could be better and hopefully that will improve with a firmer update but the risk based heart rate sensor like I said it’s getting a little bit long in the tooth at this point and it’s definitely gonna suffer in activities like mountain biking weight training and rowing however you can pair this with both ant+ and bluetooth external sensors so if you want the most accurate heartrate I definitely recommend getting an external heart rate strap .

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