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Garmin GpsMap 64st Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Garmin GpsMap 64st  black Friday deals available on the internet & Garmin GpsMap 64st cyber Monday deals also.

Garmin GpsMap 64st Black Friday Deals

I’m Tyson with back country treks and I’ve got a Garmin handheld GPS unit this is the 64 st now this going to be a basic overview of some of the things I like and dislike about it if you’re looking for an in-depth how to check out GPS city on YouTube they have a series of 26 videos really going in-depth on the workings of the GPS so that you can get the most out of your unit now .


With 64 st it comes with the wireless connectivity compass the altimeter the one-year subscription to the bird’s eye view along with 100k of topo maps so out of the box this thing’s ready to use for any adventure that you may have planned now it weighs nine point two ounces and has a two point six inch screen on it so it’s easy to read in the sunlight or in the desert where we’ve used it Moab quite a bit and it’s also big enough that I can see exactly what I want to see on it I don’t ever find myself really needing a lot more screen although that would be nice but then the unit is going to be that much bigger and right now it fits really nicely into my hand and it’s easy enough to see everything on it that I really need to see on the exterior it’s coated with this nice rubber so that it gives a good grip and it’s not going to fall out of your hand if it’s wet or anything like that but also it has a lot of protection there so if you end up dropping it on the ground or if you’re really abusive on your things it’s still going to give you years of use now with the 64 series they do have this external antenna.

I really like and that was one of the main reasons I got it compared to say maybe the Montana that’s the touch screen where the antenna is more built into the unit with this if you’re doing a lot of things in deep canyons or with heavy brush or foliage over you you’re still going to pick up a lot of antennas and get the most accuracy that you can out of your unit now also with that this does have the GLONASS in it so that’s right there is going to help pick up more satellites and give you more accuracy down to about three meters compared to about ten without that technology built in now in the back of the unit you do have an opening where you can plug in an external antenna and then a port for the cord that it comes with so you can plug it into the wall charger or into your computer also on the back and what it comes with is this nice clip with a carabiner on it so you can attach it right to the back of the unit then you can hang it from a backpack or maybe a belt loop and then at the very bottom it does have a spot for a lanyard if you want to use something like that with it now one of my favorite features about this is just the wireless connectivity and the capabilities that that provides with this if I have a friend with another Garmin that has the same capability I can actually transfer wirelessly my routes or GPS tracks or waypoints from my unit to his or hers so that they can go and have an awesome adventure an awesome hike that I just did maybe last week or two weeks or a year ago they can see everything that I saw on that hike also this has the bluetooth capability so with my phone which is one of my favorite features if I have a text message or an email or phone call come through it actually shows up on the screen of the GPS and with that I don’t have to have my GPS mounted on the handlebars of the motorcycle and my telephone I can see it all on one unit right here now .

GARMIN GpsMap 64st

I can’t make a phone call from it but at least I can see that if someone’s calling maybe it’s important I can go ahead and get my cell phone out I’m not always having to fumble through and do that every time I stop because I know right here on my GPS also you can download an app onto your phone that really goes hand-in-hand with the GPS you can pull up different routes and tracks that you’ve done you can delete stuff right from the app and it really goes into just making this unit that much more user-friendly now speaking of user friendly they have the most amazing customer service that I’ve actually probably found in any other company to date with this you know I had a lot of questions it was my first unit with topo and that kind of stuff involved in it I didn’t know how to use it that well it didn’t come with a ton of instructions so I called them up they were able to walk me through a lot of it but then also helped me find a lot of information online and on their website where I can find out the inner workings of the GPS also I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes when I’ve called them which has been just really amazing I think and I always get someone who speaks English these guys are located throughout the u.s. so whenever I’ve called someone I’ve always talked to a Cody or a Joe or someone like that and I can hold a conversation with them and I’m not getting frustrated so props to Garmin for having everyone in the US I for one really appreciate it .


The Technology is by far the best of the button devices the handheld garmin gps map 64 is lightweight and portable the water rating makes it perfect for not just land but water based activities too the handheld garmin gps map 64 stone has a display that is 6.6 centimeters and 2.6 inches diagonally and offers a 65k color tft to make it more appealing it has inbuilt four gigabytes memory and is usb nme a0183 compatible you can calculate the area with customizable map options automatic routing and it stores up to 5 000 waypoints and 200 routes a bonus feature is the ability to add other maps that do not come already installed on the device also daily updates on information about the sun and the moon are available the garmin gps map 64 stone comes with the sought after gps and glonass quad helix antenna this feature gives the gps map 64 units the ability to connect with glonass and gps simultaneously as a result the high sensitivity gps feature is enhanced and all 24 satellites unlocked the portable garmin gps map 64 houses 2x double a batteries providing a long lasting 16 hour battery life with a permanent geocache system the gps map 64 allows you to select from over 250 000 pre-loaded geocaches the geocaches have supporting descriptions to give hints on the direction to take with an average sized screen and waterproof feature the gps map 64 is ideal for basically every outdoor activity with the garmin gps map 64 stone as your companion you will be able to create save and share your journey’s waypoints tracks routes and geocaches with family friends.


It makes using my Garmin products that much easier now this comes built-in with eight gigs of storage and 5000 waypoints of storage I haven’t even come close to using that but if you find that you need more you can always add it through a micro SD card slot that they have on the back actually going in and using the unit has been really easy I’m able to pull up the map and use a lot of the features right out of the box without having to read too many directions I really like the compass that it has on it it’s a three axis so if I’m holding it flat or vertical or anywhere in between I’m always pointing to north or whatever direction I’m really pointing in it that’s not north if it’s West I’m actually pointing in that direction now it also has an altimeter built into it which is extremely easy to use in a nice function that I like because we’re always out in the mountains and we always like to know what our altitudes are for checkpoints and that kind of stuff Cal and I really like having the external buttons on the 64 Series because we end up using this a lot in the wintertime and with that we’re always wearing gloves so we can still use this unit without having to take our gloves off to use a touchscreen which we both really like as I mentioned earlier this comes with the one-year free subscription of their bird’s eye satellite imagery what that is its program that you download on your computer and then you can actually outline different areas that you’re going to go visit and download them as satellite view images so Callie.

And I went to Moab so I got on the computer outlined Moab and where we were going to be dirt biking and mountain biking and downloaded that onto the device as a satellite image so now as we’re out my biking I can actually see maybe this pond that we’re going to go by and it comes up as a satellite image on the GPS so it really makes it a lot more user-friendly and a little bit easier to read although you should still know how to use a topo map and figure out where you are at on a topo map besides the 100k topo maps that they offer you can also get marine maps for this or road maps so you can use the same device for a lot of different activities also they offer two custom mapping and what that is you can have a paper map with let’s say mountain bike trails on it and those mountain bike trails have different colors for degree of difficulty we can take that paper map and scan it overlay it over Google Images and then download it onto this device so now you’ve got this paper map that you had in your hand actually download it on to your device and you can see exactly where you’re at on that map which makes it a lot easier to use instead of trying to figure out where you’re at on your device and then where you’re at on this map just putting everything into one unit so there’s a lot of Technology really built into the Garmin 64 St Cal and I have been really happy with our Garmin we’ve used it in the wintertime skiing and on the snowmobiles and in the summertime on dirt bikes and mountain biking along with canoeing in the Boundary Waters in Canada it’s come in extremely useful multiple times .

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