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Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Garmin Forerunner 235 Black Friday Deals

Today we’re looking at the Garmin Forerunner 235 I’m going to be doing a full review of this watch which has an optical heart rate sensor and all the newest gadgets including smart notifications you know connectivity to your phone and all that so first of all I’ll start with just a quick conclusion for you guys who don’t want to stay here during the whole video and seeing all the you know things.


I have to say about this watch so basically this watch is really good I really like the software I really like the look I like that it’s quite thin that it’s light I like the incredibly good GPS with slowness that I just can get you know reception very fast and you’re ready to rent unfortunately the thing that lets this watch down is the optical heart rate sensor if you’re buying this watch for the heart rate sensor just really not a good buy just because it’s not really working very well at the moment any activities that are more casual and won’t be using your arms for anything they will be recorded you know quite accurately but for anything like rowing or weight training with the weightlifting and anything like that will give you low beats per minute so you’re going to be having 80 or 70 beats per minute so it won’t be really recording your calories correctly your heart rate will be your heart rate data will be useless so my advice is if you want this for GPS connectivity and you know the smart notifications I think this is a great watch but if you really care about the optic heart rate sensor maybe you should go for the 402 25 which does that quite a bit better than this and I’ll be doing future videos comparing the two watches you know I have the for under 225 right here and this one is also a really great watch so stay tuned you know subscribe and you know let me know if that’s something that interests you so all right so let’s start on the actual review of this watch so first let me just start with showing a little bit of the aesthetics and the outside casing of this watch so basically the design is similar to the previous version up down light run and back and one thing I really like about this and that is a bit different is that on this one you have now these different activities like kind of apps rich running like straight from your watch face and they’re quite nice also something that is quite handy is that you can use shortcuts so now for example if I hard press this one and wait a bit and then you get shortcuts for each one of these each one of these apps right so you know like hard wait one will have different shortcuts than the previous one so that’s quite handy.

Garmin Forerunner 235


You know the watch is a bit slimmer that has you know the cou heart rate sensor here with these three LEDs the the wrist strap is quite nice a bit thinner than the previous one and I must say a little bit more comfortable as well the buttons here they are they’re nice but you have to keep them clear I usually watch wash the watch every time I finish an activity and I noticed that if I don’t blow air into these after I have washed it and then the buttons get a bit strange and a little bit mushy so that’s one thing that you know like if your buttons are a bit mushy you should just wash it and then blow with air right here and that’s going to make the buttons okay again another thing I really like about this is actually the charging and data transfer a system at first I wasn’t too impressed with this because previous watches with this clamp usually didn’t really hold very well but that’s not the case with this one like it’s really really stiff and it really stays there and it’s nice easy to put on like I think this is by far the best system I have seen so far for one of these watches with data connectivity and you know these watches that need constant recharging and talking about recharging and battery life wise because of all these connected features you end up not getting as much you know if when I’m actually using the watch a lot for the smart features I only get around two days or so three days so if this is something that is important to you you know you can always disable the full you know the constant fold day activity tracking and also the heartrate you know that uses a bit of power and especially the Bluetooth so by disable disabling those you get like a lot better battery life so one thing that I do have to say is that I’m a bit I’m not that happy that the heart rate sensor so exposed like this because I tend to put my watch sometimes on the table like this and right now the heart rate sensor is creeping on the table which you know I’m just a bit concerned that with time maybe this might get scratched and then the heart rate sensor might become even worse you know unless accurate so you know that’s one of the concerns I have I don’t know exactly what material this is so it’s hard to say it’s durability okay guys so now let’s have a quick look at the software so I can show you some of the features this watch has and so when you start you see the screen and here is a bar that shows whether you need to move or not if you have been still for a long time this bar increases and you can reduce this bar by just walking for a few minutes in a row or you know around 300-400 meters I believe and then it just goes down so that’s quite useful you know in the office maybe if you work sway sit down a lot and if you have the freedom to be able to go for a you know five minute walk once in a while the watch will remind you to take these walks so that’s quite nice and then we have these different kind of that goes straight from the home screen.


It shows you the last four hours your heart rate how it has been and a little summary right now my heart rate is at 71 and I have a resting heart rate of 49 which it calculates you know out of the lowest since I began and my highest was 115 which is quite nice and in here you can you know you can you can have different shortcuts so you can choose when the heart rate is going to be on you can also broadcast your heart data so right now the watch the only thing it does is it broadcast this data out to other watches you know so I forget example you have a soon to watch or you know another garment wash that doesn’t have a heart rate sensor you can essentially you know va-nc stream that data to your watch unfortunately doesn’t work with the gym equipment so I haven’t really managed to get my heart data sent to the gym equipment yet I don’t know whether there will be a software update in the future that will solve this issue but one of the things with this is that when you’re broadcasting there’s nothing else you can do like all buttons you know try to get you to cancel your broadcasting so let’s just cancel this but it’s it’s a nice feature I’m quite like happy about this so the next one is the step counter and you get your distance the amount of calories you burn the day how far you are from your goal how many steps and also you know whether you should move or not and here again you have like a few shortcuts you know whether you want to move alert or not right because it might be annoying if it vibrates every you know once in a while and then here is a calendar and that works quite well just synched on your phone it also shows the weather so six degrees maximum of eight minimum of three and also a bit of humidity and like rain percentage chance I’m not sure how how useful that is like right now these are some my quick controls so if I just click my if I actually just click here I can choose you know whether wanna you know turn on do not disturb if I want to turn off Bluetooth I want to find my phone so sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t it’s not that great of an experience but you will definitely find your phone might have to restart it after that but you know that’s fine and you can choose whether to sync or not and and then you know you get your smart notifications I have gotten facebook notifications and text messages and calls but facebook Messenger doesn’t really show anything I’ve seen on other people who use iOS they got snapchat notifications so it might be at the moment that with the iOS device you might get more notifications than if you have an Android device but I can confirm that as I don’t have an iOS device and this is actually one of the apps from Connect IQ and let me talk a little bit of connector cue because this is something that is new to me I have never had any device that has connected cue but it’s basically a way of getting different apps into your watch so there’s apps .

I can do several things and you can download these apps using your smart phone or you can just go online and connect your cable at your PC and then you know choose which apps you want so this is the minute cast app you know by AccuWeather that shows what is going to rain next so there’s going to be some rain in 91 minutes and that can be quite useful and the kinetic IQ apps they work in different ways so this would be like an app on my home screen right together with my other home screen devices but I can also access my connect IQ by just clicking here and going up into activities where I can actually choose you know to run indoor bicycle other you know this is a function that the 4runner 225 doesn’t have you know actually different activity profiles but in here there’s apps and you can see that IQ signal there so you can literally go inside the apps and download different apps so for example this will find your car so um you can just you know save a waypoint and then I’ll show you an arrow where your car is and how how far away away it is so that’s quite yeah helpful and there’s also DW map which will literally draw a little map of where you have been so these are like quite nice little apps I need to test these a little bit more and let me know if you want more in detail video about connect IQ and I can definitely go through this with you guys but anyway so let’s go back into these the menu.

I said like I’m actually like here on the home screen one thing I have to say about it and that’s something that I’ve seen a few people complaining about is that people mentioned that the screen is a very dim and I must say compared to other watch as a head it is true like the screen is quite dim and you know right now it looks quite okay but you know as you twist you can see that you know it’s it’s not like the clearest display right and then I have two solutions for this actually one the first one is that just use a shortcut here and go into clock options and then go into background and switch it to white and now it’s going to destroy a little bit of that nice you know immersion where the screen fades in to the side of the watch so now you know it doesn’t really look like a circular display or anything it just looks you know it doesn’t look as good but the data is very clear now it’s really easy to read in all different directions especially once the back line turns on you know if it’s a bit darker and that’s actually the second thing I have to say is that if you one thing I really like about this watch is that it has alter rotation with the wrister backlight um function so for example if I go here into the activity and I press menu and from the menu I go into settings and then I go into system and here in system I go into flight one of the options is wrist turn so if you turn this on you’ll be able to turn on the backlight by simply rotating your wrist like this as you can see and this is something that is really useful and I’m really happy that they have this function because I struggled a bit with the 400 225 when I was renting the night as I often do after work and or you have to find the button click it and see the data or you need to wait for the wash to buzz for some reason and then see so now I can let you just be running and twist my arm see the data I want and then I can put it down again so this is a killer feature.

I would say and one of the reasons you know does this watch you know puts itself a little bit apart from the 402 25 so let’s now just go into the workout itself and see how it is so you can choose you know what kind of activity here and it will automatically save this into your garment and I’ll save your records differently so for example my max speed on a bike will save a record differently than my max speed running right which is quite useful and the way it works is like you go into you select your activity and you know you can see the GPS is incredibly fast in this you do need to select the GLONASS in the settings menu you because it comes out of the box just with only GPS but as you can see you have this and I’m actually these lines they will change depending on what profile so if I was indoor running this line would be red and I believe you can change this as a goals but it’s it’s a nice way of knowing what kind of profile you’re running it so if I just start here then you know now my workout has started and I can see my heart rate instantaneously and one tip regarding the heart rate is actually that whenever you’re going to go for a run just take a cloth and like clean it because that will make a big difference sometimes I notice where the heart rate wasn’t really working very well and just by cleaning the the heart rate sensor the the data got completely okay again so that’s something that is important you know like it’s not going to work very well if your arm is sweaty and and also if you haven’t really washed your watch in a long time this this watch has a 50 meters resistance so you know you don’t have to be worried about getting the watch wet so basically if you press the shortcut button again you can edit the data fields and that is really nice like thing to be able to just instantly select you know what you want in each field so for example if I want to change from speed to cadence I can go here and there’s all the different things right speed heart rate cadence right so instantly I managed to just change it to cadence which is something I haven’t seen in any other watch and this makes it really easy to decide exactly what kind of data you want to see as you run instead of having to sit down on your computer and sort that out later going to weird menus another thing in the shortcut menu is you get music controls so by going in here you can you know change the music on your Bluetooth headset or whatever if you’re running with your phone that is quite handy you can also get it back to start which will you know show you what direction you you should go and like how far you are from your destination and that is quite quite nice right now I just created a different lab I don’t know how to get out of here okay so that’s how you got out of there just press up let’s see if there’s anything else and you can lock the device in case you don’t want it to be changing all the time so you have different screens turns out that one of my screens an hour is the distance remaining great and you can also have this cool screen showing your heart grade zone and when you finish your workout you get a lot of details and a lot of different options of what to do you know resume se you can discard you can change activity settings few notifications you know that’s something that you just do is it’s a way of you know you pause your workout and you you know change some settings if you need to but in this case I’ll just save and and you know like it has a recovery time which I haven’t entirely figured out how it works but you know it’s good to have and you know you can choose done you can see achievement so you can see my vo2 max my recovery time and you know like if I had done my fastest my or my fastest km or anything like that it would it would be there .

I can also click here and get a little summary of my workout you know how things went you know heart rate data cadence like quite nice you can also see you know lap by lap how your exercise wind and also your time in each zone and it’s actually little bar so show different bar sizes depending on the heart rate zones you ran which is really nice and you can also delete it if you want okay guys so now to wrap up I’ll just go really quick through all the settings so I can tell you some of the features this watch has so first up there’s activity settings where you can choose what the data screens will have you can also choose alerts you know like different alerts for different reasons right heart rate Run Walk speed so you know it can help your workout to make sure that you know you’re keeping to the numbers that you want to you can change you know alter lab settings whether you know there’s also pause or not also scrolling here is where you choose whether you want gps and glonass or off or normal I would recommend UPS and GLONASS even though I don’t know if it uses a bit more power not so you can have the power save timeout which is a actually really good feature because it goes out of your running workouts or stops using GPS but it still is there so when you go back into activity or just resume from the same activity and you can also choose profile colors right and this will change the color of your back of the you know our on the on the heart rate so you can choose different colors and profiles for your thing I like green because and then it seems like the battery life is always full anyway .

I also have training you have you know your workouts and you can download these from Garmin Connect I personally had a bit of problems with the software to just get my workouts synced properly but I heard that other people found out how to you know figure out ooh how to fix this you can also have workouts where you know it’s predefined so you know run four times one kilometer and then rest you can set up different things which might be quite good and you can also select you know distances here finish time don’t know if it’s like you’re setting a goal so we are now I’m saying oh I’m going to run out these five kilometers and then it’s going to come down so you know load the features really cool you also have a lot of logging you know so you can see all the different activities you’ve done you can oh you can see history of your steps you know how is it going with your activities totals you know running weekly let’s say monthly and then you know you can get monthly summaries of you know your runs which is quite handy divided by activity you can you know reset your totals if maybe you know accidentally measure while you are in the car or so and then your you know your records are strange but you know you have some of your statistics you know race prediction tells you know what it expects you to be able to finish different races by I’m also your records you know in reading I can see you know my records my fastest one kilometer was you know four minutes and 12 so it’s a nice way of you know trying to break different records you know and you have different you know cycling running you also have here your settings you know about yourself and you know here’s a little bit deeper down into the setting so here if you want to save some battery you could turn this off on the heart rate monitor and it will be okay you can also add more sensors turn off Bluetooth if you know you want to have a longer battery life and you want to sync it manually the other cable you can set different alarms and you can send many so you know you can put one in the morning to wake you up and one at night to make sure you go to sleep early and you know turn on do not disturb turn off or on activity tracking.

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