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Fire Tv Stick 4k Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Fire Tv Stick 4k  black Friday deals available on the internet & Fire Tv Stick 4k cyber Monday deals also.

Fire Tv Stick 4k Black Friday Deals

hey guys in this video I’ll show you how you can spend $35 as a one-time payment to cancel your cable forever and upgrade to 4k streaming with the newest amazon firetv stick 4k now this stick right here is actually released by Amazon quite some time ago and it promises to convert any projector monitor or TV into a smart TV with alexa controls and bluetooth capabilities.


The fire TV stick 4k and starting off you might be wondering you know Mike why are you reviewing this this wasn’t just released this is kind of an older release but honestly was because I wanted to buy it for myself and I had a lot of questions so I looked up many other reviews and I found unboxings I found just some basic reviews of what they looks like but I had a lot of questions and I thought you know what I have a channel I might as well review this and share it with you guys so I want to not only make this a review and tutorial to the device but I also want to test out some of the claims that Amazon made about this with regards to the Alexa capability so I want to see how well that actually works I want to test out the Bluetooth listening and of course I want to test out the controls that it claims it can control your television including your soundbar or your television with the volume the mute and the power button so just to show you some key differences between the 4k fire TV stick and the regular fire TV stick I’ll pop up some specs right now pause the video and read these if you want also please note that you cannot upgrade the quality of your TV so if you have a 1080p TV and you plug this in it does not become a 4k TV so in the Box you have essentially everything you need to set up so you have the stick right here which is relatively small but it is larger than the other fire TV stick so you know they say size doesn’t matter what’s more important is what it can do and this one’s bigger and it does more so you guys do the math this is clearly the more premium product than the regular fire TV stick but regardless if you have a TV that’s sunken in and maybe neither of these fit the good thing is they do both come with this small little dongle which is great it fits the whole theme of you know 2019 2020 and I’m sure 2021 will do this as well it comes with a dongle so you can get farther away from your TV it can go into a tighter place as you can kind of see right there and overall should make it fit in almost every single TV I haven’t really seen any that this does not work with then on the bottom we have our power source right there which is a micro USB not that exciting so a quick disclaimer .

Fire Tv Stick 4k


I did say this device was $35 because I paid $35 for it but the price honestly is all over the place on Amazon sometimes it’s 50 sometimes 25 or anywhere in between so I’ll drop a link in the description for the best price and I’ll be updating that as the price changes so check that out.

If you’re interested in buying this device so of course in the Box they so give you a microUSB cable connects to USB a on the other side you plug that into your USB charging block on the wall and then you have your remote right here now your remote is slightly different from some of the older ones but it’s a relatively classic Amazon looking remote here where you have a power button on the top this actually does not control your device instead it’s going to be controlling your television or your soundbar for the power to turn your TV on and off so it should limit the extra remote you might need then you have a microphone right in the center up there then you have a microphone button of course to activate the microphone for when you’re using Alexa or any kind of voice commands on here then we have this little ring as I kind of mentioned before in a previous video these tend to look like iPod rings but unfortunately they don’t do this world it’s just a basic up down left right and center then we have the simple layout that is back home and a menu option right there below that we have your basic back play and forward not really anything spectacular and then we have the volume up volume down and the mute button that is going to be what also controls your sound so it’s not controlling the device itself it’s controlling the sound output on your TV .


I originally had and that was you know what if you don’t have a 4k TV so what if instead your TV is you know 720 or 1080p you know will this work with that and so the answer is yes and I will be testing this out and showing you how the setup looks like on a TV and once we have that I’ll actually be able to test the volume and the power controls to see how well they work setup is actually really easy so we’re gonna select English it’s gonna search for networks we connect to Wi-Fi then and then you’ll see it has a quick update right here as it downloads the latest software finally it’s ready to go I think that was about 20 minutes worth of updating right there maybe my Internet’s a little bit slow today but we’re gonna go and sign into our Amazon account now alright so then it’s gonna ask you a couple other things about gentle controls you can enable them and they’ll make you set up a pin or something like that we are going to not do that right now so next it’s going to be checking if your volume work so we’re just gonna say next so you can start by adding some different things as as usual so you want to add maybe like CW maybe you want to add History Channel maybe you want to add I don’t know NBA NFL add both of those and then let’s just throw in like a couple more things like this so Spotify is cool if they have that on here as well I know a lot of people listen to Spotify and it’s nice to have that on your fire TV so it’s gonna download these install them on your fire TV right here but usually you can get started watching something else so if you’re plugging this into a different TV and you want to reprogram this remote what you do is go over to settings go down to device or equipment control right there and then within equipment control you can manage equipment and you can go down and change the TV that you have right there you can see they clearly have lots of options for TV brands  .

I really like about this device is the integration with the app now even though the app is not able to open up Hulu and Netflix and find a bunch of different things and pull up one show or have a bunch of people doing that what it actually can do really well is offer a keyboard so this is also acting as a second remote for your device itself so having a device that you don’t have to always worry about where is this remote if you lose it just use your phone and on top of that if you’re putting in a lot of passwords we’re doing a lot of searching it might be better just to use the keyboard on your phone rather than going up down left right with this especially because the microphone on this doesn’t actually control the keyboard at this time this device is equipped with Amazon’s voice assistant which is very powerful as you probably already know you can control your smart home devices you can ask it to look up things such as weather or anything you want on the internet really taking a look at the interface now it’s a pretty simple layout starting across the top you have different tabs so a home right here when you go down then it brings you into an Amazon original which automatically starts playing that’s a common theme here and you’ll see a lot of Amazon stuff being plugged here and you have recent apps your apps so you are downloading apps on this that you want to use then you can go down again more prime stuff prime stuff prime stuff some other stuff that’s probably prime and then down here finally Netflix way down here even though this is the most-watched app that I have on this device they you know obviously list their stuff first which does make sense I understand why they do that but if you are not an Amazon Member this could get a little bit annoying as you go down there’s tons of other stuff to watch or you can go across the top and you can go over to live actually let’s go back to the search button right here or the search icon you can type in to search you can use your phone to search or you can use the elect slick button right here and tap to voice search so tap and hold that and let’s look up something that I know is only on Netflix watch the black list and so just like that actually opens up Netflix goes into your profile and starts playing the show that you wanted so Netflix is now integrated with Alexa which is really nice you can search that but you can better search a lot of the prime video type stuff so then we go over to live .


When you go down here you have a bunch of different live TV app so you can check out so some of them are free some of them are paid Pluto TV for example is a free one some of the other ones like u2 TVR paid I did review almost all of these so a link a playlist in the description so you can check out which ones are the best for you to use you also have your videos movies TV shows and apps I don’t really go to any of those pretty much everything I want is in the Home tab and there’s also settings with many different options here if you want to connect you know Bluetooth devices open YouTube so you can also open apps with this is a fire TV worth it here’s something I found on Wikipedia Amazon fire TV is a digital media player and it’s micro console remote developed by Amazon what is Apple stock worth right now when the market closed Apple traded at 236 US Dollars and 41 cents on the Nasdaq oops what’s the weather in Tampa currently in Tampa Florida is 75 degrees fairness my gas car in Madagascar’s timezone is Indian / internet areevo next I want to test out some Bluetooth headphones with this so it’s pretty easy to do all you do is go into settings go over and select Bluetooth so you can pair a device and I will be pairing just you know some regular pair of headphones right here nothing spectacular so in conclusion I think this is a great device I think it’s definitely worth it to buy this for any TV you have even if it’s a smart TV or a projector or a dumb TV this is a great way to you know add the extra smarts in there make it more integrated with your smart home or your phone or just the Internet in general so you don’t have to pay for a cable bill every single month instead you can get this download some free TV apps download some you know netflix on there download whatever you want there’s tons of different options like thousands of apps or whatever and you can watch tons of stuff on here now how much 4k do.

I actually watch probably not that much sometimes it’s great to have 4k on here but really I would recommend this one over the regular fire TV stick mainly because it’s more powerful and has some better options there kind of future proofing yourself even if you don’t have a 4k TV now maybe you want to get one further on down the road maybe you want Dolby Atmos surround sound further on down the you know who knows maybe you’ll get a promotion at your job in like a big bonus or something right so you never know when you’re gonna buy an upgrade and you don’t want to have to go and buy another one of these and have two of them if the upgrade is only like 10 or 15 dollars I usually just think it’s worth it to spend that now but regardless the ups and the downs with its device so I really like the speed and the power of this I think it’s a great interface and I really like the voice remote I think that’s a very quick way to find what you’re watching or listening to and just open up open up spot if I open up Netflix and get right into what you’re trying to watch without messing around with typing too much and actually another plus is that you can type with your phone so that’s really the biggest plus as I see with this some of the drawbacks if you’re not already in the Amazon ecosystem if you don’t already have Prime it might be a little bit annoying because they do plug their stuff a lot and honestly even if you are in their ecosystem even if you have Prime they still plug it a lot and they tell you to watch their stuff they do have some good originals but I wish they would lay off a little bit with their ads of course it makes sense that they’re doing that you know plugging all around the interface but that’s what I have to say about this so guys what do you think about these two devices specifically about the 4k version .

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