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Fire Tv Cube Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Fire Tv Cube black Friday deals available on the internet & Fire Tv Cube cyber Monday deals also.

Fire Tv Cube Black Friday Deals

when the amazon firetv cube was first announced it was kind of oversimplified in the headlines is basically being an echo speaker and a fire TV stick wrapped up in one box and I get why I mean that’s what it looks like right but it’s actually a lot more advanced than that the promise of the fire TV cube is that it can control your TV in fact your entire entertainment system which I thought sounded really cool on paper but it turns out Alexa turn on the TV so as an unapologetic Roku fan my question was is the fire TV cube enough to topple the Roku Ultra off my list of favorite TV streamers let’s find out so let’s unbox this thing.


The first Amazon Fire TV was one of our favorite media streamers with all of the features of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k along with a far-field microphone array and infrared emitters to let you use Alexa and control your home theater entirely with your voice. The new, second-generation Fire TV Cube doesn’t try to tweak what the original already does well. It looks and functions identically, and has the same $119.99 price, but a faster processor makes apps load much more quickly, and support for additional HDRformats makes it even more flexible when streaming 4K HDR content to your TV. As such, it once again earns our Editors’ Choice.

Fire TV cube


I really like the way that Amazon presents its premium products they really waste no space and this is a good example of that so there’s the cube we’ll just go ahead and pull that guy out there looks like a bunch of cables are in this box we’ll take a look at that in a moment a little bit of product literature the remote which you know you might be thinking well I thought this was all about voice commands there’s a good reason for having a remote here and then we have a couple of Amazon batteries to power that remote now before you unwrap the cube note there’s some important instructions on the back basically you want to keep this facing you with insight you don’t want to bury it deep in a cabinet and you want to keep it about a foot away from speaker so that the audio from the speaker’s doesn’t get in the way of the microphone but we’ll go ahead and tear this plastic off now that we’ve heated amazon’s instructions we’ll take a look at the top and these should look familiar if you have ever owned an echo speaker we’ve got the plus and minus keys for volume control the enter button and then the mute switch so they’re keeping it mutable so that’s not listening to you when you don’t want it to be on the back just for connections you’ve got your power port HDMI there’s also an IR receiver port more on that in a second and a microUSB port let’s pop open the box and take a look at what we have four cords no surprise we have a power adapter with a reasonably long power cable there we also have that infrared blaster cable that I mentioned before and this is so that if you’re going to control a receiver or some other device that’s buried in a cabinet you don’t necessarily have to have line of sight in order to control .


Finally there’s an Ethernet adapter here so this is going to take up that micro USB port on the back of the cube and provide you another micro USB port along with an Ethernet connection for the very best data throughput for your 4k and HDR content Alexa turn off TV so we’ve established that you can turn the TV on or off with the cube you can also adjust volume if you want and it’s not just the TV like we have a very elaborate home entertainment system here with an anthem AV receiver a blu-ray player we have a PlayStation and Xbox all that equipment can be controlled with the cube to a certain extent so if I say Alexa switch to blu-ray it’ll turn on the TV it’ll switch the AV receiver to the correct input and the blu-ray will come to life and I’ll be ready to watch now it won’t actually press play on the blu-ray player for me yet but that’s the kind of control that Amazon is going to slowly incorporate into the cube over time for me that would have been enough but where things really go to the next level is the way that the cube can control your live TV experience so whether you have a cable box satellite receiver or you like to use something like PS view or Hulu live TV the cube can help making watch live TV a lot easier alexa tuned to ESPN on playstation view now for now playstation view and hulu live TV are the two live streaming services that you can use with the cube but there will be more coming in time .

As you can see I had the TV the entire system was off I gave it the command it’s loading up PlayStation View and in a minute we’ll be watching ESPN and then once I’m in the PlayStation View app it’s very simple to switch channels so the cube can direct you to the network or even the channel number you want on any of these live TV streaming services or your cable or satellite box but it also works with the name of the program for instance Alexa play the amazing world of gumball on PlayStation View now that particular program happens to be live right now so we’ll switch right to it here but if it wasn’t the cube would show me options for watching that TV show elsewhere one of the things I’ve enjoyed about getting to know the cube is that it’s getting to know me as well so for instance if I want to watch ESPN I just say switch to ESPN and it knows it needs to go to PlayStation View in order to show that also it works beyond these live TV streaming services you might think that because it’s an Amazon product that was going to have that sort of closed Amazon ecosystem but that is not the case for instance Alexa play Ozark if you’re not familiar Sark is a Netflix original property.

When I direct the cube to go to it it goes straight to it and starts playing from where I left off this works for any number of programmes on Netflix and it’s going to start working for other streaming apps as well as they get onboard with the cube Alexa show me The Walking Dead so so far we’ve known what we wanted to watch and where we wanted to watch it so we were able to give very specific commands and get to where we wanted to go but what if you know what you want to watch but you don’t know where it is or how much it’s going to cost you or if it’s even free on one of the apps that you subscribe to that’s where Alexis search capabilities come in really handy so we have The Walking Dead here Alexa select one now we know that’s the TV show we want to watch but we don’t know where we can watch it and as we see it’s available on Netflix for free I don’t have to pay for anything Alexa show me seasons you know which season and episode we want to get to so we’re gonna direct it to seasons Alexa scroll right Alexa pick number seven so we’ll go into season seven that’ll show us the episodes Alexa scroll right and yeah I want to I want to get on go-getters there that’s episode five Alexa select five now granted the process is a little bit slower than if you were to grab the remote and go through all that stuff but it makes it pretty easy so how about this setup well it was very very simple in some cases it was maybe a little bit too simple when we plug this thing in and went straight to finding out what kind of TV we had and verified that it could turn it on and off and adjust the volume but you can actually dig down a little bit deeper and control the equipment control yourself at a deeper level for instance.


It wanted the fire TV cube to be plugged into the a/v receiver I didn’t want to do it that way I wanted to plug everything into my TV and have it send an audio signal to the receiver via HDMI AARC so I had to do a little bit of trickery we’ll publish how to do that in the written review below but basically you go in and you individually manage all the equipment that you want to you can add individual devices we have blu-ray TV AV receiver fire TV cube are already here you can also add other items cable satellite your game consoles generically or there’s a PlayStation Apple TV and Roku options here even if you wanted to use one of those can’t imagine why but then you can go in and make some specific suggestions for instance you can change the volume increments so if you wanted to increase the volume to a larger degree or a smaller degree you get to control that and that’s smart because every TV and every AV receiver is different when you press the volume up or down button you can also control some infrared options so that it times things out a little bit better for you if you need to we found that it worked great for us straight out of the box you can change your AV receiver at any time if you’re prone to doing that not only that but you can also specify which HDMI input what device is using and what it should switch to on the TV so as complicated as your system may be the amazon firetv cube makes it relatively simple to get it all set up and once it is set up it’s super easy to use.

I’m confident somebody could walk into this room and just say Alexa play blu-ray and it’s going to automatically switch the system so that somebody could watch a blu-ray same for a game console or pretty much anything else so can you just shove all of your remotes in a drawer and never touch them again not quite yet the Amazon fire TV cube isn’t quite that powerful yet and in fact you’re gonna want to keep the remote that comes with it around for stuff like entering usernames and passwords but the good news here is that as you’re learning to use the cube the cube is learning about how you want to use it Amazon tells me that they’re gonna be analyzing how people interact with the cube what kind of voice commands they use and they’re going to meet their customers needs where they’re at so in time this thing is gonna get better and better I’ve already had a really great time using this product I think it’s a lot of fun but I also think it is practical and that’s something that we don’t often see in these new advanced technologies this is useful right out of the box so to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this review video does this thing supplant the roku ultra as my favorite set-top streamer i’m gonna have to go ahead and say yes i think there is so much useful functionality from this thing it does 4k and HD are the pictures great and Amazon’s interface is getting better and better all the time to me that makes it a knockout product.

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