Betron YSM 1000 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get Betron YSM 1000 Headphones black Friday deals available on the internet & Betron YSM 1000 Headphones cyber Monday deals also.

Betron YSM 1000 Headphones Black Friday Deals

Hey guys Amos and today I’m going to be giving you an unboxing and my first impressions of the beach one ysm 1000 headphones so these look like some really nice premium in-ear headphones though about 20 pounds on Amazon and just looking at the box is quite nice of course .


I’m looking forward to testing these out so I think just looking at them for first impressions I really kind of liked them when I was looking them online I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I sort of really like the metal design I do have to admit that it does feel a little bit flimsy and there does seem to be a little bit of plastic shelling as well but I think the gold look looks absolutely fantastic and I feel that just in terms of just general appearance and design I actually really like it also what’s nice is that the earbuds come with three different designs so there is the gray one then there is the black and then we have the red ones as well unknowingly as well I sort of notice how sort of the shielding for the cabe was very thin and I sort of fill these headphones it will be quite vulnerable because it doesn’t really seem to be much protecting but hopefully these won’t break and I’ll be looking forward to testing the sound out so I actually have just tested these headphones for the sound and I am fairly impressed I have tried the earbuds which are for sound isolation and I was quite impressed by it but just the general sound I was a bit controversial about it I wasn’t entirely sure about it at first I kind of found it disappointing but I did compare it with other headphones and I definitely have to say that the clarity on these headphones are absolutely incredible these just might be the most clear headphones I’ve ever heard however the sound overall I’m not entirely sure about and of course I will be going in depth in this in my four of you but clarity is 10 out of 10 absolutely fantastic really really crisp sound but sort of the punch that you get from the sound I think is a little bit disappointing anyway there is my full unboxing of the beats on headphones ysm 1000 of course if you did find this unboxing helpful .

Betron YSM 1000 Headphones


We’ve got some technical specifications there and there at the bottom we just have some nice labeling of what’s included and it looks like it comes with a big variety of earbuds which is really good will mean that there will definitely be earphones and sizes that will be able to fit you it and then we just have basically the repeated label on the side so now get in the box open and of course we have a little bit of falling outs but then we can see the top part of the headphones now let’s try and actually get that to come down because of course that has been stuck they want to be open it we have this really really nice premium presentation of the headphones of course we pushed out of the way and there we have this nice sort of foam case and it just really improves the first impressions because the presentation is really nice maybe of course if they maybe got the packaging that a little bit better that we would have improved it but straight away I really liked the sort of the high quality sort of premium look and they’re just looking at them they look really nice but we’ll put those to the side so underneath that we have the accessories and we have this really nice sort of rubbery filled case now it has sort of this snap elastic bit so you have to pinch it looking at it straight away I think it is actually really small and I’m kind of concerned about it because I feel that I’m gonna have to really scrunch the headphones into this now of course with that sort of elastic pocket it’s gonna mean that it’s gonna be really snug I’m gonna be really compact so you definitely won’t have to worry about it falling out but just looking at that I’m really so concerned about scrunching that in because I’ve used up a lot of headphones simply just by tangling wear on my phone or scrunching up and of course that has ended up breaking headphones so just trying it out straight away he already looks like enough to scrunch it maybe if the box had some nice instructions on how to perfectly fold it or to put them in right because I just feel that scrunching them in just isn’t gonna be very efficient and it could probably damage the actual cable and of course.


I want however looking at it once I actually gets it in the bag it looks really snug and compact and of course that will be extremely portable and really small as well which is quite nice and then after that we have the earbuds which is fitted underneath that’s quite snugly and then once we get out it’s in a sort of a nice plastic case and once we get that out we have the foam and then we have this sort of really nice tray for the in-ear headphones quite hard to get out again but once we actually get out the case we have a really nice presentation so we have a huge variety six different earbuds which is going to be really helpful for pretty much all the users so once we’ve got everything out there is nothing remaining in the box and of course we will be able to actually use the case as a nice sort of box for the headphones but unfortunately the actual bottom and there is a little bit of side of paper and card which makes it a little bit difficult so I will be actually cutting out and actually just showing how to make that a little bit nicer so if you’re watching this and you’ve got these headphones a little tip has actually cut the bottom off that part in the actual box and then you’ll be able to fold that in and then you’ll want to do a little bit of cutting on the side as well in the back and they’ll make it just a little bit nicer to put it in it’ll be less flimsy and also it will just fit a nicer as well and there you actually have quite a nice case unfortunately the tape is a little bit stressful and is a little bit ugly but pulling that off will cause a little bit of damage but we still have this nice case and that’s of course on top of the rubber case that’s provided as well so first impressions are pretty high I’ve really aren’t the presentation of it as I mentioned before and I’ve sort of got this premium fill and I really like the included accessories as well usually a lot of headphones just put it in a bag but that presentation was really nice .

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