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Apple Tv 4k Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Apple Tv 4k  black Friday deals available on the internet & Apple Tv 4k cyber Monday deals also.

Apple Tv 4k Black Friday Deals

welcome to our review of the new Apple 4k TV here are some of the topics that we will cover unboxing we will show you what the Apple TV comes with in the additional items you may need to purchase setup we show you how to hook it up to your TV and the initial settings you must complete to get the Apple TV up and running we will also show you how the Siri remote works and how you can control your Apple TV with your iPhone or Apple watch tour we will show you the many things .


The Apple TV can do including the ability to playback stunning 4k HDR movies HDR vs SDR we will explain what HDR is and final thoughts we will summarize our findings and make a recommendation so let’s get started part 1 unboxing on the back of the packaging you will notice that we are testing the 32 gigabyte version the Apple TV also comes in a 64 gigabyte version we recommend purchasing the 64 gigabyte version if you play a lot of games use a lot of apps and watch a lot of shows and movies at a time although because it’s a streaming device the 32 gigabyte version will be fine for most users.

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The Apple TV 4k is that it’s really expensive it starts at one hundred and seventy nine dollars for a 32 gig model the Roku ultra is $99 and the chromecast ultra is $69 and for all that money you should probably able to get the most out of your TV in your home theater setup and with the Apple TV you just can’t so let’s start with some good stuff first the entire user interface of the Apple TV 4k has been redone in 4k HDR which is really nice the text looks sharp the graphics are bright the icons are clear and there’s no mode switching when you click around between apps and shows and movies Apple is also selling 4k HDR movies in the iTunes Store cheaper than anyone else 20 bucks instead of 30 Apple is also upgrading all the purchases you’ve already made to 4k HDR when they get remastered another thing to notice at Apple’s low prices on 4k HDR movies come because they make deals with Hollywood studios but they haven’t made deals with everyone most Disney and that means what other services have saved Marvel movies and 4k HD are Apple just doesn’t yet so now here’s some bad news respects the fact that the entire UI runs in 4k HD are


The Apple TV itself is pretty small 1.4 inches high three point nine inches wide and three point nine inches deep but don’t let its size fool you it’s powered by a very peppy a 10x fusion chip which delivers two times the CPU performance and four times the graphic performance of its predecessor it has three ports in the back for the power supply HDMI connection and Ethernet port for connecting directly to a broadband modem it includes a power cord and a lightning to USB cable for charging the remote with a computer or with an optional USB wall plug adapter it also comes with a rechargeable Siri remote which we will go over in more detail later your cereal out for a month or more with normally used before requiring charging and of course the usual documents and stickers by the way every Apple TV comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support there are a few items that it does not come with but will require depending on your setup a HD TV a 4k TV or as we recommend a 4k HDR TV that supports HDR 10 or Doby vision we will discuss the benefits of HDR a little later you will also need an hdmi 2.0 or later cable .

Wireless Ethernet network or broadband internet access if you are not using wireless you will need an Ethernet cable for plugging directly into a broadband modem part to setup hook up your power cable to your Apple TV and then connect the other end to a power outlet if you want to connect to the internet using Ethernet connect your Apple TV to your router with an Ethernet cable if you want to connect to the internet using wireless Wi-Fi setup comes later and you don’t need an Ethernet cable with an HDMI cable plug your Apple TV directly into your television turn on your television and with your TV’s remote select the input that you plug your Apple TV’s HDMI cable into you should see the Apple TV setup screen before we go further into setup let’s go over the Siri remote it has a glass touch surface trackpad for moving right left up or down it can also be pushed or clicked to make a selection the play/pause button is self-explanatory when watching a movie or show you can fast-forward by holding down the right side of the touch surface to rewind hold down the left side of the touch surface the Menu button allows you to return to the previous screen hold the Siri button to speak commands a few command examples include find Will Ferrell movies find the series finale of this is us play Harry Potter find HDR movies find action movies while playing a movie you can tell Siri commands like skip ahead two minutes next we have the TV home button to see your recently used apps double press the TV home button if you press and hold the TV home button for five seconds you can then select it with the Apple TV and sleep mode finally the volume button lets you control the volume of your TV.


You can also get the Apple TV remote app from the App Store for your iPhone or Apple watch it works just like your Siri remote the phone app can bring up a keypad to type out words if you prefer not to speak to Siri handy if you lose your remote or want to do a lot of typing now that you know the basics of the Siri remote let’s continue setting up your Apple TV connect your Siri remote by clicking the touch surface once the next screen is pretty basic just pick your language and country after that you’ll have to make some additional set of choices manually or choose setup using your iPhone or other device this second option is much faster because it transfers many settings from your iOS device all at once to your Apple TV including iTunes login information iCloud and Wi-Fi settings to set up using your iPhone or other device simply do this hold your device near the Apple TV this will begin the setup sequence authenticated by typing the code on your TV screen.

Your Wi-Fi and account information is transferred to your Apple TV then enter your iTunes password to complete the process note to setup using your iPhone or other device you must be connected to wireless your Apple TV cannot be connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable part three tour now that we are finished with setup let’s explore what your Apple TV has to offer the home screen shows all of your apps these apps can be rearranged organized into folders and deleted to move an app highlight the app that you want to move hold down the touch surface until the app starts to jiggle to move the app swipe left right up or down when you’re finished press the touch surface to create a folder just highlight an app hold down the touch surface until the app starts to jiggle then drag the app on to another app to rename a folder select it and update the title using the keyboard to delete an app just highlight the app and hold down the touch surface until the app starts to jiggle then press the play pause button and choose delete the first icon on our home screen is the TV app if we open it by clicking on it we see the watch now screen showing your favorite shows and movies it allows you to pick where you left off and it also makes recommendations if we slide to the right we get to the library tab here’s everything you’ve purchased from iTunes and any current rentals a store tab shows available subscription services from more than 60 providers like hulu showtime and CBS the search tab helps you find movies and shows if we hit the menu button to return back to the home screen we can slide over and click on the App Store here’s where you can download many apps including games you can use your Siri remote as a game controller.

You can purchase a wireless Bluetooth controller you can also find entertainment apps like Netflix and YouTube the categories tab is a good way to find apps organized in groups the selection is pretty wide now let’s check out the movies app these are the movies that you can rent or purchase from Apple the available titles are vast if you click on a film you can view a preview this film atomic blonde is in high resolution 4k 4k Ultra High Definition movies have four times the number of pixels as a full HD movie 4k movies mean crisper images in more detail fortunately 4k content cost the same as previous HD content and any HD movies that you’ve already purchased from Apple will be automatically upgraded to 4k when those versions arrive at no additional cost no need to rebuy all of your HD movies again to take advantage of 4k viewing you need a 4k Ultra HD television the TV show app is similar to the movies app but focuses on television content the available binge worthy series shows and television documentaries are also vast and affordable now we will check out the music app this is where you can find your Apple music library the Photos app lets you view your photos which look pretty impressive on a 4k TV the podcast app is for listening to your favorite audio shows on your TV.

You can also see that we’ve already downloaded a bunch of other apps including Hulu Netflix Vimeo YouTube and HBO go the Netflix app is another place to find a lot of great 4k content if you own an Ultra HD TV part for HDR versus SDR playback let’s go back and check out another film available in the movie app this one is called Logan and I have already purchased it it is a 4k HDR movie so what is HDR HDR stands for high dynamic range Apple TV has the ability to playback HDR movies or shows to take advantage of this new technology you’ll need a 4k TV that’s HDR 10 or Dolby vision ready Dovie vision an HDR 10 are two of the most popular flavors of HDR and the Apple TV can play both so how does HDR content improve your viewing experience HDR video has two benefits over standard dynamic range playback or SDR this includes greater details in the shadows and highlights of the image assimilated in this photo you also get improved color with HDR video HDR can display more than a billion colors older 4k SDR tvs could only display millions of colors part five final thoughts some people have complained about the price of the Apple TV compared to its competitors but with Apple you get what you paid for including iTunes the App Store a super fast a 10x processor a large selection of HDR 4k movies TV shows a photo gallery and the slick and easy to use interface for those reasons we highly recommend it and don’t worry if you don’t have a 4k HDR TV today content will still look great playing from the Apple 4k TV on an HD set or an SDR 4k TV .

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