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Apple Iphone X 256GB Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get Apple Iphone X 256GB black Friday deals available on the internet &Apple Iphone X 256GB cyber Monday deals also.

Apple Iphone X 256GB Black Friday Deals

Hello again guys this is gonna be a bit of an interesting video if everything works out appropriately a little while back I made a video about the iPhone 8 plus and I mentioned in another video that I had gone ahead and pre-ordered the iPhone 10 the iPhone X whatever you want to call it well I’m here at home today with my youngest son they sent him home from daycare with strep throat so I’m here taking care of him and I just happen to check the Apple Store app on my phone because I’d seen somebody mentioned that you need to constantly be checking stock on your local stores just to see if it happens to pop up in stock because my iPhone 10 pre-order is gonna ship sometime in December a month from now or so and I’d really like to have it before I go on vacation here in a few weeks so I checked again today just on a whim again and lo and behold one of the local stores here in Louisville Kentucky had a 256 gb iPhone 10 in stock ready to be picked up and I went ahead and placed the order.

I was actually not looking to buy the 256 gb model just because first generation new style device not really into paying the extra money for it but if it’s that or wait an additional three weeks for the next one to show up I’d rather pay the additional money get the more views on the video and what that’s got to be realistic right so I guess this video is gonna sort of follow the journey of me getting the phone and then unboxing it trying it out and giving you some just initial impressions of it maybe I can do some additional video showing how I might use the cameras because that’s one of the biggest new features is the front-facing camera these difference of the rear facing camera the telephoto lens is different so sometime this evening I should be heading out to Louisville for the Oxmoor center to pick up my new iPhone well that was relatively quick and painless iPhone 10 now in hand 256 giga byte Space Gray considering just how busy that store was I’m really surprised that it was not a much more painful experience basically just walked in got directed over to somebody who said show me your order number where’s your driver’s license and like two minutes later someone walked up with my phone they had me sign something saying I’d received it and I’m gone and now to drive back home and hopefully find the time to unbox this tonight because I would really like to start using it tonight or tomorrow .


I get the consistently about this phone is so what do you think and if you made it this far in the video you unquestionably comprehend what I think anyway if you leaped to this part this is my #1 iPhone ever by far I really like it can’t avoid being it worth $1000 truly I don’t think people spending the money on this phone will be frustrated well this shouldn’t suggest that this thing is astounding it clearly still moreover has its disservices you know the way that it’s all glass on the back more fragile that is a downside the indent on the front for a numerous people that is a burden no headphone jack still a disadvantage aside from those are all that I think people who are buying this phone are as of now used to or were expecting and subsequently it is definitely not a significant issue in 2017 so I’m happy to pass on this phone so if you were thinking about going out and extending this phone go past .

Apple Iphone X 256GB

I’m thinking that iPhone 10 – or iPhone 11 or whatever they call the next one iPhone 10’s iPhone XS they’ll probably figure a way around that notch either they’ll make the display where it should have been and it have it end right here below the notch or they’ll extend the phone up a little bit or something but really just the feel in the hand it’s very nice it’s ever so slightly bigger than the seven or the 8 in this case but it’s comfortable and of course I’m gonna be putting it in a case just because I can’t justify a $1200 phone without a case in note and also because I bought this from the Apple Store as a t-mobile phone they don’t have unlocked fully unlocked ones available they did come with a t-mobile SIM in it which I’ve promptly removed


I’m back home the unboxing you’ve undoubtedly seen about a billion in 12 times but inside of the box the paperwork complete with knotch course you got the phone complete with the plastic let’s go ahead and remove that I love that that’s great you’ve got the ear pods which I will probably never be touching as well as the Lightning to 3nf millimeter adapter which again I’ve never used lightning cable and simple power adapter 5 volt 1 amp I tend to just leave everything in the box makes it easier when the time comes to actually sell the device and then finally the phone itself and if I remember correctly it’s a 5.7 inch display and it’s a full-screen display with this little notch cut out at the top dual rear facing cameras one wide one telephoto some of the bigger differences between this and the 8 plus are that the telephoto lens does have an F 2.4 aperture and your front-facing camera has a whole array of sensors and camera and what not in order to do the face ID depth sensing and the an emoji stuff which I’ll probably not be using this is what the back of the phone looks like the space grey you can see all my lights and everything reflecting in it because it is extraordinarily reflective and it is definitely going to be a fingerprint magnet yeah you can start to see them there get your big power button / Siri button on the side SIM card slot here on the same side volume rocker and notification toggle on the other side as you would expect speaker and lightning port on the bottom front facing speaker open it’s already coming on I guess I must have tapped the button and I think it’s time to go ahead and go through the setup process which again you’ve seen a billion times but we’re already at this setup screen it’s already ready to go so let me go do that and do family stuff at the same time be right back and a few minutes later we are back very quickly went through the transfer process between the eight plus and the 10 you basically just have the two phones in proximity to one another you take a photo from the 8 on the screen of the you’ve probably seen it before again and stop to the point where it was going to have me set up face ID let’s just quickly go through that has me entered a passcode that was determined from my other phone and now it says face ID so we’ll hit continue that’s how to set it up position your face in the camera frame move your head in a circle to show all the angles so position my face within the frame I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to actually see this first scan is complete and the second one completed pretty easily you basically just put your face in front of it and move it around in a circle face ID is set up .


I’m actually going through giving it my Apple information just to see if I have a backup I can pull out of might as well but I thought I’d do a quick comparison between the dummy iPhone 10 I got and the real one just looking at them side by side of course Space Gray versus what turns out to be very black they’re very very similar as they’re supposed to be button sizing and placement and everything exactly the same again the color is the major differentiating factor and just the fact that it’s different feeling in the hand not a whole lot different we do also have the option to turn on the true tone display we can see with and without so this is currently with and without goes very blue maybe you can see that in the camera and after having used the iPhone 8 plus for a few weeks I will say the biggest thing for me is just the size I mean it’s very nice to have this sort of edge to edge display where you can have very minimal bezels although a lot of people are really complaining about these bezels I’m not that big on but I don’t really care that much I am definitely going to miss having a home button on it and that notch is going to get on my nerves to some extent.

I’ve seen about the iPhone 10 so far basically say that when you’re comparing the iPhone 10’s face ID against older phones with the touch ID touch ID is still miles in a way faster cuz that just unlocked it there whereas I have to actually lift it up and then wait and then swipe it’s not instant it’s not nearly as fast but it will get better over time and kind of additionally it’s getting really warm restoring a bunch of apps installing a bunch of stuff it’s gonna do that obviously but it is getting very warm to the touch so just a good thing to note and I guess while we’re here let’s just do a very quick video test of the front and rear facing cameras because I tend to do that so this is a video from the front facing camera of the iPhone 10 looks very nice to me in the viewfinder here it doesn’t look like it’s being stabilized at all but that could be something that happens in post I don’t know if the front-facing camera is stabilized but I suppose we’ll see won’t we and this is video from the rear facing camera I forgot to mention it before pretty sure it’s 1080p on the front facing this should be 1080p 60 on the rear facing by default but it will go up as high as 4k 60 which is still ridiculous to me just taking a look in sort of my viewfinder over there looking through the camera.

It’s confusing I can see that I am framed up appropriately and it does look fine I can’t really tell in terms of colors and whatnot because the monitor I use is not grey but there you go very quick first sample of the rear facing camera of the iPhone 10 and just very quickly taking a look reviewing those videos the coloring looked a lot different between the front and rear facing but that could just be the fact that I had to start it facing away from me for the rear facing and obviously the front facing is 1080p only not sixty frames a second so it doesn’t look as smooth to me but it’s not bad I mean for a thousand-dollar phone you’re gonna expect the camera to be pretty good and this is again one of the best you can get so I’m going to go ahead and start using this as my daily driver device iPhone 10 in one pocket Galaxy Note 8 in the other pocket and my wife will end up taking the iPhone 8 plus for me most likely which means I might actually be selling my iPhone 7 sometime in the near future I think I have one more video about the iPhone 7 coming at some point if that works out you’ll see another video about it if you don’t see that that phone will probably be up for sale here in the very near future so if you’re interested in a used iPhone 7 gently used but still in amazing condition let me know but that is where I’m gonna wrap things up for today definitely really looking forward to getting started using this phone I noticed it just a face idea unlocked it automatically anyway let me know what else you’d like to see me cover about this specifically I’ve already covered a few cases for the phone I might look into some other ones because you can never have too much protection for the phone right .

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