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Apple Iphone 7 Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Apple Iphone 7 black Friday deals available on the internet & Apple Iphone 7 cyber Monday deals also.

Apple Iphone 7 Black Friday Deals

Hey what’s up guys I’m cabby HD here but you definitely learn a lot from using a phone for a longer period of time for months isn’t even that long it’s just longer than I usually take your view things but for me at least you know with four months you know this is the honeymoon period is over it’s not brand new and shiny anymore got your fingerprints on you got your scratches on it you’ve used it every day and you really get to know at best so first and foremost even though this is the iPhone 7 even though this is supposed to be the bigger step forward in the tick-tock of Apple releases 6 6 s 7 7 s this is still definitely a very familiar and very incremental upgrade to the previous iPhone again.


It’s a familiar iPhone same rectangle with the rounded corners for the design same big forehead and chin with the home button same seamless unibody metal industrial design again and same scrolling pages of icons for iOS so at its core it’s super easy to get used to especially when you’re coming from another iPhone just to pick up an iPhone 7 but that being said there are plenty of little things and plenty of refinements that all add up to make a much better phone than you had last year so on the outside the improvements are more minor you know a little design weak from last year the antenna bands are gone and the back looks a little bit cleaner but it’s definitely still an iPhone there’s no mistaking that so if you want to mess with the design a little bit more you can maybe put a skin on it like I showed in my daily driver video but this design as still as it may seem is iconic and very familiar so we still have some of the biggest bezels in any smartphone that is a bit annoying when you have the white bezels but that’s so you can still have this home button for at least one more year and speaking of the home button it’s now not a physical button anymore but it’s more of like a force touch trackpad it doesn’t actually move it’s just a still piece of glass but it’s pressure-sensitive so when you press it it works and the taptic motor makes a click and it makes it feel like you’re pressing a button and it really convincing .

Apple Iphone 7

I’d say it’s really easy to get used to it used to be weird when you’re like pushing on a table and you know it doesn’t really work with gloves but I’m a hundred percent used to it now I’m actually totally cool with this home button I should also mention I think touch ID is at the holy grail where it’s like a no-brainer whether you should use it or not you set it up once right when you get your phone and it’s faster and more secure than typing in a password every single time so I like touch ID a lot anyway aside from just the home button this is the second generation of the iPhone with 3d touch but I don’t really use it that much I mean it’s definitely built into more apps and there’s shortcuts on the home screens and even in the apps themselves but yeah I just don’t really use it that much one thing I do have to say though is something the iPhone doesn’t get enough credit for the iPhone has the best vibration motor in any smartphone period .

I’m talking about the taptic engine like this phone literally feels like it’s tapping you on the wrist or in your pocket or in your hand when you get a notification it’s awesome so I love the taptic engine it’s really good and Apple clearly knows this because they’re using it in way more parts of iOS animations now so like the notification shade bouncing off the bottom of the screen that type of thing or control center bouncing up or really just any bouncing anywhere in iOS it always clicks so the phone feels like it’s bouncing anyway one of the biggest changes on the outside is it’s now officially a waterproof phone so the iPhone 7 is ip67 rated which means you don’t have to worry about dropping it in or near water anymore and you can just take underwater photos and videos if you want basically the phone should survive water exposure .


You know the displays on the iPhone 7 are still pretty good you know nothing crazy or amazing it still has great color reproduction but the one thing that’s killing me it’s not just me it’s tons of people obviously about the outside of the phone is the lack of a headphone jack basically Apple is clearly aiming for an entirely port ‘less Wireless iPhone in their future so in that process they’re removing the headphone jack and starting to push wireless audio super aggressive yes super forward-thinking yes super a pain in the ass also yes I mean I think it’s I’m probably gonna make a whole video on the whole wireless phone thing maybe let me know if you’d want that in the comment section now the camera on the iPhone 7 is new – you can see the different housing there’s new sensor and new glass and you might remember from the smartphone Awards this camera is already one of the best it takes great photos and great 4k videos.

I think it might get the title of best low-light photo camera back it was kind of close to Samsung but the image processing from Apple has always been excellent autofocus is also extremely fast and daytime photos look pretty damn good too but it’s by far the best video camera in any smartphone I’ll tell you that right now I’ll link below the video I shot entirely on this camera but seriously the 4k video from the sensor with the optical image stabilization and the big wide open aperture honestly sometimes you can’t tell the difference from like a real dedicated mirrorless cameras footage it’s that good get a little depth of field going I mean it’s awesome everything’s there now the iPhone 7 plus has a second camera lens as you already saw in my daily driver video one regular camera same as the smaller phone and one telephoto lens at twice the focal length for that two times optical zoom.

It’s really interesting the way it works but I think it turned out to be one of Apple’s coolest products of 2016 last year basically when you’re all the way zoomed out you’re not just getting data from the main camera as you would expect but it’s also actually intelligently using some imagery stitching in from the telephoto camera as well to make it a little bit sharper and a little bit more detailed in the center of the frame now sometimes it uses lots of that data sometimes none at all like if you accidentally cover the telephoto lens with your finger for example it doesn’t use anything from it but when you start to zoom in a bit it continuously intelligently analyzes how much of the information to stitch in and then you can actually see it completely switch over cameras when you get to 2 X zoom it’s subtle but the tiny changing exposure is there you can see it and from what I’ve seen it actively does this switching during video recording to so dual cameras is pretty awesome and it works really well you can only get it obviously on the bigger iPhone which is why I guess a lot of people don’t get to play with it but through software updates stuff like portrait mode is getting better every day .


You’re into photography or videography the iPhone 7 plus is the again now on the inside basically all you need to know that’s changed is the chip the a10 fusion ship is fantastic in this phone and I’m pretty comfortable calling this the most responsive phone ever like this is something Apple does really well since they control both all the hardware and all the software so no phone is as smooth and as one-to-one responsive to the touch of your finger as a fresh iPhone I’d say the Google pixel comes closest right now and then maybe the 1 plus 3t right after that and generally stock Android phones but the smoothness and high frame rates of animations are the most consistent on the iPhone 7 and that’s something I really like and it’s something you’ll appreciate like every single day you’re using the phone overall performance is awesome through multitasking in everyday use and gaming and navigation and all kinds of stuff and the battery life to go with that is also about the same as last year which is to say pretty good but not great so the iPhone 7 has an okay battery and decent standby time while the bigger iPhone 7 plus .

I’d recommend has pretty good battery with excellent standby time also fun fact this year Apple made the iPhone the same dimensions and included a bigger battery instead of making it smaller with the same sized battery Thank You Apple keep doing that please I really don’t need it to be thinner but that is pretty much what’s good with the new iPhone lots of little upsides lots of little improvements with the hardware on the outside and on the inside my biggest complaints would be that they went with lightning over USB type-c again although I would totally expect them to keep doing that and that they went with no headphone jack instead of a headphone jack obviously I can’t tell you how many Eber drivers have offered me the aux cable and I have to turn down the jams so at the end of the day iPhone 7 has a lot that’s new with it but obviously it’s still a very familiar incremental upgrade just like previous iPhones have been and that’s kind of the point that’s why people keep getting iPhones that’s not a bad thing that’s a great reason to buy this phone again especially if you’re coming from your previous gen but I think that this year you’re gonna see a lot more big improvements with the 10th generation iPhone or the iPhone 7s or the iPhone X whatever they end up calling it that’s the one.

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