Anker Wireless Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Anker Wireless Headphones black Friday deals available on the internet & Anker Wireless Headphones cyber Monday deals also.

Anker Wireless Headphones Black Friday Deals

Hey guys Danny here today we’re taking a look at a pair of headphones these were sent to me for review and as always if you’d like to pick them up.


I don’t really have anything amazing to say about the design it’s just pretty good overall for the price of course we have our buttons we have our power button as well as our active noise cancellation button close by these both light up when you have them switched on on the other side we have a volume rocker and a play and pause button as well as our charge port and audio jack port as well pairing them up to your device couldn’t be any easier you simply turn them on and they will go into pairing mode and they’ll show up in your Bluetooth list on the device that you’re using and then you can simply connect to them and they’ll reconnect automatically next time you turn them on so I wouldn’t normally wear headphones when I’m exercising but I know there are some of you out there that do so I wanted to go ahead and test them during exercise and because of their light design and their fit this obviously will depend on the shape of your head but for me they felt pretty good .

Anker Wireless Headphones

They didn’t move around too much if you’re doing extreme exercise and they definitely will move around more and if you were to wear something like earbuds so these aren’t going to be ideal for exercise but they’re definitely fine to use but certain stuff as you can see me demonstrating here but more importantly let’s talk about how they actually sound and what the user experience is like first of all I want to say that these don’t have a supporting app that they use which is a little bit disappointing as some of anchors other products had this and they let you customize some of the things like the button presses which just doesn’t enable you to do you can use the volume buttons on the side for example and they double up as options to skip tracks pause your music and some other options as well the first thing I decided to do was test out the bass I just did this using a test that I do for all other audio products that I’ve reviewed and I was pleasantly surprised with the bass that these headphones are able to produce they are definitely one of the best that I’ve used around this price range and there’s also a button you can use on the side to change the bass level and this is really nice as taste can vary here and how much bass you lock in your music so it’s really nice that they added this in but what about the overall sound quality as always say this is quite a hard thing to describe because your idea of good sound quality can be very different to someone else depending on what products you used I think for the most part for the price that these are being charged for their sound quality is perfectly acceptable and again they are one of the better .


Now some of the most notable features about these headphones they’re pretty standard really but they have a up to 40 hour runtime on a single charge and you can get longer if you lower the volume they’re also using bluetooth version 5 which should give you great connectivity they do also feature active noise cancellation which of course I’ll be testing the unboxing experience was about what I’ve come to expect for this price range so no complaints there in the box of course we get the headphones as well as an audio jack and of course our charging cable which unfortunately is micro USB which I’m really disappointed to see USB C is so common now I was hoping to see that instead on a plus side we do get this really nice pouch which does seem to be decent quality and looks pretty nice too taking a closer look at the headphones they have gone for a pretty low-key matte black design which I am a fan of I generally like my tech to be pretty low-key especially if it’s something you’re going to be wearing my initial impressions were very good the headphones feel very light and the mechanism that they use to extend and shorter them feels pretty durable .


I’ve used around this price but they definitely don’t blow me away there are some better options in earbuds which are a lot smaller and around the same price point but they definitely are good and I think for most of you you’ll be happy with them I did notice quite a significant drop in audio quality when switching over to the audio jack which kind of makes sense as its using a lower power mode and relying off of the power coming from the cable which does mean that when the battery dies you can simply plug in your audio jack and you can Karen listen to your music so this is sort of expected but worth bearing in mind okay so a lot of you always asked me what the audio quality is like when making a phone call I just had a phone call wearing these headphones and the call quality was very good the person on the other end said there was a little bit of an echo at times and that could be because this room I’m in is a conservatory and it is a little bit echoey but that is also a common problem some of these headphones suffer with but what I’m going to do is right now I’m recording using a sound recorder app to my smart phone.

I’ll overlap this with the video from the camera so what you’re actually hearing right now is coming directly from the microphone on the headphones not the actual camera itself and that’ll give you an idea of what the quality can be like obviously that’s under perfect conditions because this isn’t relying on a cell phone signal it’s just going by a blue to straight to the phone but at least it gives you an idea what about the active noise cancellation that this product offers well most headphones have this option available but it can be very hit and miss what I will say is most products around this price range are able to perform this option but not at a higher level and these are pretty similar you will definitely notice a reduction in noise around you when you enable the active noise cancellation but this isn’t going to make a huge difference if you’re in a really noisy environment but it definitely will help so when you see this feature advertised on I would say cheaper products definitely take it with a pinch of salt but it definitely does help I would say that and it is nice to have the feature nonetheless and that brings us to the end of the video so my final thoughts on this product are I think it is definitely a good product worth picking up if you are looking for a cheaper pair of headphones and you just want something simple and easy to use that will give you pretty decent audio quality all-round good microphone quality and decent battery life.

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