Anker Portable Charger Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get Anker Portable Charger black Friday deals available on the internet &Anker Portable Charger cyber Monday deals also.

Anker Portable Charger Black Friday Deals

Hey there folks Luke here with the other good review I hope you are all doing well today for this episode I am reviewing the anchor power core 20,000 milliamp battery bank which offers you the quick charge 3.0 technology go ahead and get comfortable .


Let’s talk about some pros and cons let’s get to the review price first well first off this offers a ton of juice for a very good price you may be wondering what is the price $50 for the 20,000 milliamp power core I think that’s a good deal excellent quality Ankur is known for great quality they have a good warranty overall they just make really good products.


I like the fact that this device is simple there’s no gimmicks to it there’s no flashlight or any of that other stuff it’s just plain and simple and that’s exactly the way that I want it to be I want to plug in to my device and have it charged that’s it another pro is the quick charge technology if you have a device that supports this it is very very impressive and you will love it another thing that I like about the power core is that it is intelligent so when you plug in your device it will automatically adjust the charging speed for your device so that’s pretty good also it’s nice that you are able to charge multiple devices at the same time lastly this battery bank can hold a charge for a very very long time.

Anker Portable Charger

Now when it comes to the cons naturally we have to talk about size and weight I mean that is definitely a remote control is it not 12 and a half ounces it’s not lightweight the next con is in regards to the quick charge technology sadly there’s not a lot of products out there that really take advantage of this that utilize this so that may be a feature that you never really get to use or if it becomes more adopted you will in the future so there go the last column that I have here is that it takes a long time to charge this device it is 20,000 milliamps of juice so it’s going to take a while to recharge this bad boy so my friends for my review of the anchor power core 20,000 milliamp battery bank that’s pretty much it it’s a solid device it offers a ton of juice and if you have a quick charge device you are absolutely going to love this if you don’t you’re still going to love it because you know exactly what you are getting with an anchor product yeah there are a few negatives a few cons but they’re not glaring issues overall it’s a very good battery bank .


We have the box the anchor 20 thousand milliamp with quick charge 3 battery bank according to this this is America’s leading USB charging brand and I tell you what folks I have reviewed a lot of battery banks from a lot of different companies and you guys have been requesting anchor anchor anchor so here we go crack to the box here here is the battery bank itself come back to that just a moment plastic sleeve that it comes in some instructions a little warranty card and inside of this box you get a carrying pouch nice and messy for your battery bank and you also get a USB to micro USB cable and that is pretty much it so this is the charger itself .

You can see here I mean it’s very good size it’s definitely not small it’s roughly the same size as a TV remote and it weighs 12.5 oz. it’s also very sleek it’s also very slick this is made from plastic but it’s very good quality seems very strong and sturdy it doesn’t feel cheap at all right here on the front you could see these LEDs and that is the battery indicator fully charged nothing on the bottom you do have the indicator switch on/off switch right here on the side and then of course you have the ports as you can see right here you have the micro USB charging port you basically plug in your USB to that plug that to your computer or your wall outlet and you can charge the device you have two USB ports here the green one is for the quick charge 3.0 and the other one is the 5 volt one and charging port now as you guys can see here it is a very simple device no flashlights no gimmicks .

I personally like that it’s for charging and for charging only now with this device here as I mentioned this offers you the quick charge 3.0 technology now sadly that is not a technology that has been built into every single device as of right now for an example the iPhone there isn’t an iPhone on the market right now that utilizes this technology so the charging times for an iPhone are the same with this charger as it would be with any other now if you have a device which features the quick charge technology oh my gosh it is so much faster to charge your device for an example with my iPhone 5s it took roughly 2 hours to charge it from dead all the way up to 100% with a quick charge device and this battery bank right here you can charge your phone your Samsung phone like from basically no charge all the way up to 80% in about 30 minutes so you can see there there’s a huge difference in speed again.


If your device features that quick charge technology now with the power cord 20,000 milliamp battery bank it does have all the safety systems built-in that you would expect short-circuit protection temperature control surge protection and also auto shut off so you don’t have to worry about this thing frying your device or anything like that now I have been testing this device out for the last 3 months and it really has worked well now at 12 and 1/2 ounces this is not super light if you throw this in your pocket you will notice that it’s there it is a substantial weight so with that being said it’s good for your backpack not good for your pocket but with that weight comes a lot of juice and I have been able to charge my iPhone 5s roughly six times with one of these devices so that is very impressive if you’re out on the trail hiking around this would offer you a full week’s worth of juice on your phone and maybe then some now when it comes to charging the power core it’s a roughly 11 hours when it was plugged into my computer if you have a wall outlet it will go faster so about 11 hours to charge 20,000 milliamps of battery juice when the device is done charging these LEDs will shut off now folks with the power core .


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