Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  Ailihen C8 Headphones black Friday deals available on the internet & Ailihen C8 Headphones cyber Monday deals also.

Ailihen C8 Headphones Black Friday Deals

Hey guys this is TNN and today in this video we’re going to look at the Ailihen c8 on here headphones and so we’re gonna unbox and review it let’s go ahead and let’s unbox it but first let’s check out what I sell out of the box so we have c8 headset and on here we’ve got picture device we have some information on the side here some pictures compatible with iPhone iPad smartphones and other devices we’ve got some color indicators over here and we have ticked is blue and black and then just helps it run around here we have a Lee hand c8 headset when I’m talking go over here make your music sound deep clear and full of life and they look just as lively with a slimmer profile and fresh new colors to match your style so we’ve got some specifications over here .


Are you currently looking for a reasonable and a fantastic pair of cans, subsequently AILIHEN C 8 headphones is ideal for you.  It has a fantastic design which meets the trend also gives out a great sound outputsignal.  It is available in Multi-Colors to choose from, and also you are not going to need to stick together with few colours just as with other headset. .AILIHEN C 8 Headphones comes with Amazing features such as Foldable Structure, Hands-Free Discussing, etc., all these all needs to be essential comforts today.

Ailihen C8 Headphones


Let’s have a look at the actual device over here so it’s simply lock into like that and we have this black headphones over here the cables going along here as well spongy is well really nice at the table here with control and those course we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so I’m going to go ahead and we’re going to use this and we’ll be right back with a review video users headphones for a few days now on after say it’s not that amazing it’s okay but it’s nothing grand so we of course got a braided cable over here which is actually pretty nice I have to say I do like the braided cable we do have a what seems to be a gold-plated 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which also looks very nice at well the gloss finish on top and then of course the six your guard on the cable so it can get damaged following that we then have everything much control over here I think the remote control is positioned quite high above so it’s quite hard to see and use it but other than that it’s pretty okay it’s quite cheap remote control here so it’s a plus and minus so it’s just sliding not with any buttons so you can’t really decide where you want your volume to be exactly and it can slip off sometimes and that’s why the position they put it in is not really the best because you should want to see what one you put it at you just wanna play and pause button over here of course and then next to that is the microphone on the back we have nothing it’s all clear okay.


I’m following that of course we have another guard over here for the cable which is really nice to make sure it is they staying high-quality and undamaged we then have the adjusters over here for the ear ear pods we can also adjust the size from here but it’s a little stiff I think so we can adjust the size from here and from here you can closed the headphones up like so and pack it up so it is quite portable as well we don’t have much of a sponge here literally just a rubber it’s not even sponge at all so on the top over here can be quite uncomfortable if it’s really really tight now it fits me okay and the sponges on the side actually really soft and quite comfortable but the top I don’t know why it just doesn’t feel that amazing because there’s no sponging on it at all but we do have a nice finish enough to say these headphones they do look very very nice.

The only thing they couldn’t they could have at least two aluminium over here instead of having plastic and then spraying it with silver paint because it looks nothing like metal it doesn’t allow me at all it just looks cheap and fake but they could have at least on aluminium on that rather than that it’s pretty nice don’t wanna price you know but and ten pounds now is pretty good I think and this one’s got nice finishing and does look really really nice after same now the main bits of course sound quality now I try these head for that and sound quality I wasn’t that impressed it wasn’t anything amazing but it was okay I mean for the price you’re paying for you can probably get a better headphone a better sound quality but this isn’t too bad.

I mean if you’re looking for looks then I think you should go through this because these headphones look absolutely amazing but sound quality wise there’s nothing amazing it’s just normal headphones really I mean the bass on there wasn’t very loud at all the bass actually there wasn’t even bass that’s who I would say sound quality was okay it was very nice you could hear it definitely but there was just no entertainment in the sound if that makes sense so there was no picking off of the background no there’s no high-quality sound it’s just basic headphones really but they’re okay I mean for the price I think these are quite nice headphones and of course different people appealed to different sound qualities if we looked for headphones with bass then there are other ones out there definitely for you we’re just looking for basic headphones what ease of use you know just normally use then this is the headphone for you well I think they’re okay overall it’s nothing amazing really but the okay over walls and I think for the price they’re not too bad .


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