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AAA Batteries Black Friday Deals 2021

In this post you are going to get  AAA Batteries black Friday deals available on the internet & AAA Batteries cyber Monday deals also.

AAA Batteries B lack Friday Deals

Hi everybody I’m Scott and this video is about which triple-a batteries are the best I tested 15 brands and my conclusion is that all max brand batteries are the best that’s right all max yeah big famous brand I know second best in my opinion and for my testing is Fuji brand batteries Fuji and viral max which again probably a surprise you probably don’t even own Fuji batteries nor have you heard that Fuji makes batteries although you probably heard of Fuji unlike Kodak batteries which are almost universally shitty Fuji the camera company apparently has good batteries who knew the name-brand batteries Duracell energizer smooth the worst batteries you can buy at least based on my testing so there’s a conclusion I didn’t want to leave you waiting for that a lot of videos will string you along make you watch a bunch of ads and then eventually maybe give you the information you wanted I’m not one of those people I don’t make money off ads so what do I care but if you want to know how I tested them and more details about the testing and about the batteries themselves then keep watching the video it’s entirely up to you here’s the issue our pepper shaker pepper machine pepper grinder this thing now I have pepper on my it was dead it needed new batteries and I didn’t have any more alkaline Tripoli’s left this thing does not dwell on rechargeables .


I’m gonna cover the highlights so I broke down the pricing two ways into small quantity and bulk quantity the reason for that is that most people do not need for example 144 batteries like with the energizer industrials but that kind of bulk quantity is the cheapest way to buy them however the home user most you out there might only need something like well 24 batteries might even still be a lot or 8 batteries so I wanted to break it down both ways cuz the price difference can be substantial so anyway we got here in the first column is the price of a package of batteries the quantity of each package batteries and then simply divide those two to get the price per cell or per individual battery and for this entire spreadsheet really stir all these numbers I highlighted the worst ones in red and then they gradually get lighter and lighter until they turn to plain white background for the best values so as you can see these Duracell quantum ‘s when you buy a small package a 2 pack the price is ridiculous it’s four dollars per battery now if you pay $18 to get a 20 pack that brings the price down to 90 cents per battery which is not the worst the worst is Duracell optimum which is a dollar seven battery when you buy it in bulk but it’s still pretty damn bad because I highlighted the absolute best values in green and as you can see the all max brand batteries whether you buy in a small quantity or bulk quantity they’re both the best price around and even the small quantity price which in this case really is not that small at 48 batteries but the price is only 13 dollars for that package so you’re probably still better off buying it even if you don’t use all 48 batteries any time soon but even in the lower quantity the price per cell there is actually better than the bulk quantity of any other cell available so the Omax holds the best price across the board and in this column I simply made the average price which is somewhere in between if you’re buying an intermediate quantity your batteries will probably hit something about that price now I highly the second best values in a sort of light bluish color which happens to be a very similar color to my cursor which I didn’t really think of ahead of time but I’ll kind of move it around so you can kind of not lose track of it but anyway the Duracell Pro cells when bought in relatively small quantities 24 batteries are the second best price not the second best value though amazonbasics are the second best as far as price goes right behind all Macs at 23 cents but in smaller quantities their pricing is much worse for example for Amazon batteries they cost 87 cents pieces.


The Duracell CopperTop AAA antacid battery is intended for use in family unit things like controllers, toys, and that’s just the beginning. Duracell ensures these batteries against deserts in material and workmanship. Should any gadget be harmed because of a battery deformity, we will fix or supplant it at our choice. Duracell basic batteries are planned and produced for durable execution. Duracell AAA antacid batteries are ensured for a very long time away.

AAA Batteries


I’m gonna run through it real quick because a lot of them are just sort of retail type packaging here they all are these are obviously opened already because I use a lot of these batteries for the tests you can see like the Mac cells came in two basic retail packaging nothing fancy there same with the ever readies the Duracell quantum x’ are notable and again these are the Duras that when a Duracell premium brands not the most premium but these do have the cool feature that I haven’t seen on batteries since like the 90s where it has a test strip where if you press down here and here it’ll glow to show you how much charge is left in the battery now that’s cool I think I went by the wayside because makes the batteries more expensive to manufacture so hence they put the quantum branding on them and even though there’s still kind of shitty batteries .

They have this fancy feature so I guess Duracell figure they can sell them otherwise there’s nothing really to recommend these batteries and I wouldn’t buy them just for the test strip speaking of Duras cells this is the premium the most premium of Duracell Duracell optimum extra life extra power not really not at all in fact these come in a very fancy case though you rip off the top here it’s perforated and then you can pull out this lovely sleeve which contains of the batteries and then they’re like hermetically sealed in here for no reason at all oh no actually they’re not hermetically sealed at all because it’s two holes there but yeah I don’t really know why this packaging I think it says in the marketing materials this way you can reseal it but I found it just it just ripped open it’s not like a ziploc bag it’s just rips open so you can take that off and I guess put them back in the box but then you have this bulky s box with four batteries you know it’s the size of eight batteries and now this whole thing seems like a gimmick it’s a very nice packaging though I mean if you’re like the type of person who goes for slick packaging then these are the batteries for you even though there had is traffic lis expensive like I said the only technical aspect that recommends these batteries is the fact they hold a higher voltage for longer than other batteries so in certain devices in certain special use cases these might be the best.

Ifyou’re willing to spend that kind of money the Duracell proof cells come in a very simple cardboard box like this with just a bunch of batteries lying around in there I have seen pro cells come in this type of packaging before though the yellow ones I don’t really know if there’s a difference to be honest but they are four packs of batteries inside a larger sleeve nothing earth-shattering here but I think the reason they do this and I have worked at a couple of companies where they had to hand out batteries and they bought the pro cells or the energizer Industrials and it’s so that they can hand out these batteries and say like oh here’s the batteries for your label maker and just give you a four pack and not have to give you a whole one of these and they can still buy them in bulk and have them packaged in bulk I don’t know for sure if that’s the case but that’s my musing on the subject anyway this can be convened though for storing the batteries like in your house because you can just leave a box of these like you know in your living room your where you keep your remote or whatever the hell leave one these in in the kitchen .If your pepper grinder I don’t know I keep all my batteries in the same place not really relevant for me but kind of neat I guess amazonbasics like with all amazonbasics crap they’re in a generic cardboard box the only really interesting thing about these is that they come with an instruction manual .


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen batteries come with an instruction manual but it’s nothing interesting at all it’s basically all just warnings like do not dispose them in a fire do not mix new and old batteries do not blah blah blah batteries yeah and then it’s in like a whole bunch of different languages which is why it’s so big it’s just because we live in an overly litigious society where they have to tell you not to eat batteries because you might die from eating a battery which indeed you might it’s a terrible idea don’t eat batteries but we sure we sort of all should know that by now as environmentally friendly as this generic card box is they do go to the step of wrapping each four pack of batteries in some kind of plastic wrap but you can just easily break open by twisting why not just have them loose in here I don’t know if they’re trying to be environmentally friendly I don’t really care again it’s convenient if you just want to throw four batteries in the drawer and not have them rolling all over the place so from a practical standpoint I don’t dislike it it just seems a bit hypocritical the Fuji batteries came in this vast retail packaging a very long package I’ve never seen these in stores I have a vague memory of seeing Fuji batteries in like Cameron electronics stores in the 90s I don’t know these are popular in the States or that they’re sold in stores here at all I’m assuming you can get Fuji batteries in Japan pretty easily because obviously it’s Japanese company again this has all the instructions as Amazon calls them on the back in also almost as many different languages so friendlies are sold quite internationally but like I said I just don’t see him a lot in the US but there are on Amazon and they are good batteries rayovac I bought a ton of them this is a 72 pack these are not fancy at all they just sort of come in a cardboard box they were separated by these separators and all standing up quite neatly when I got it obviously I’ve used a bunch so they’ve collapsed not the most optimal battery storage system once you’ve used a bunch but gets the job done and unlike Amazon this is much more environmentally friendly because there’s no plastic packaging involved here there’s a bit of tape and an extra label but what can you do rayovac spree Miam batteries are called rayovac fusion again mediocre performers not worth the price they do look the best I think again not that I buy batteries to look at them because it’s just a cylinder but the shiny red and silver color is pretty awesome and they also came in a package they were all just standing up like a so and you know kind of nice box to keep them in.

I guess not environmentally friendly again my really major concern here cuz yeah I mean let’s face it alkaline batteries in of themselves are not environmentally friendly because you should use all of these are then you just throw in the garbage or recycle them as you should be doing and bring them to us I don’t think they get recycled you bring them to a disposal area I don’t know they get recycled from there that they just get disposed of properly where they’re not gonna leak into the groundwater I don’t know yeah if you don’t want to be wasteful don’t buy alkaline batteries like I have a big hypocrite though so it’s okay if I do it these are a brand that I I’m actually very familiar with from testing their rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries EBL they make a lot of batteries and sort of battery chargers and related components and stuff again generic white box they come in four packs like the Amazon did wrapped in plastic only these are this plastic is virtually indestructible like you need a scissor to get these apart which annoys me it’s like I don’t know there anybody can there I got with my fingernail but yeah see not exactly the most fun to get out of their package.

I’m not a huge detracted attraction for them but again middle the road performers not bad not great anchor batteries these guys I’m familiar with because they make great USB power supplies and USB power banks that use lithium-ion batteries now as you can see also wrapped in plastic this is when I opened they actually come like this these are a bit easier to open so that’s nice and their packaging is also quite nice it’s sort of like at the same level of the Duracell Optimum’s where like this is an actual embossed cardboard box with very nice printing also has all the warnings on the back but anyway these these anchor anchor I’m care I don’t know how you pronounce it these did have pretty good performance as far as longevity goes and they weren’t priced horribly so I’m not angry at these these are these are actually pretty good but again not the best and that brings us to the which is where I can’t find them oh here they are the all max he’s come in a very simple cardboard box which had a giant sticker closing it up with the biggest box flap .

I’ve ever seen in the front right and for some reason these are packaged in pairs and again this plastic is very hard to break by hand that is my main irritant with these you might be able to get to using other sort of packaging but yeah quite simple blue and yellow very unassuming they don’t look particularly fancy they don’t have a terribly fancy logo they certainly don’t have the brand recognition of Duracell or energizer I had never heard of them before maybe they’re a big brand in another country maybe you’ve heard of them manufactured for distributed by all Mac’s battery Inc Irvine California in the United States so it’s an American brand I don’t know where they’re manufactured though they have a 10-year guarantee they best before date in this case of 2029 which might be optimistic but to knows I’m not gonna wait around for nine years to find out made in the People’s Republic of China there you go but uh made to a high standard oh and I almost forgot about our worst competitor here the standard energizer Maxx these come in a wide variety packaging because either sold in stores you just sold online these are sold but bodegas these are sold that your mother’s house these are sold pretty much everywhere you can find batteries and they come in all sorts different form factors these happen to come in the same form factor as the Energizer industrials just little individual packages of four in a sleeve basically worthless though well anyway that’s me ranting about batteries for a significant amount of time .

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