HDmi splitter 4k

1 x 2 Hdmi Splitter 4k Black Friday Deals 2021

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1 x 2 Hdmi Splitter 4k Black Friday Deals

Hi my name is Robert Laurie with zoom and today we’re going to talk about our 4k 1×2 splitter and so on the splitter hey there Tech fans Rick here from the over.


I will teell u brief overview of the  HDMI splitter this product was designed to provide a very simple way for you to share a single media source over HDMI between two monitors up to 30 feet apart at a full 4k ultra high definition resolution as part of this overview I’d like to start with an unboxing of the product just to show you everything that comes with the kit I’ll spend a few minutes talking about specifications I’ll do some close-ups of the product to give you a real good understanding of the indicator switches and connections that are available on the product then finally I’ll come back and actually install the product here just to show you how simple it is once you get it home to connect to your own gear now let’s get started with the unboxing so when you pop open the box again it’s a very simple product there really three things inside you’ll see the unit itself a power supply which is a 5 volt DC power supply you’ll plug this side into the wall that end gets plugged into the back of the unit that’s all the power you need to run the product we also include a very detailed instruction manual that has a lot of good information in there about how to connect this up when you get at home it’s got specifications in there about the wide variety of audio and video standards we support there’s warranty information that explains what you can do if you have a problem with the product and there’s also contact information and there in case you have questions beyond what this video is going to explain so hang on to that read-through it’ll give you only information you need to understand how to use the unit properly now the unit itself is really small and compact and it’s enclosed in a complete metal enclosure and that’s important for two reasons number one it’s going to give you durability it’s gonna last a long time and second that metal enclosure keeps stray signals from getting in there and interfering with that video that you’re broadcasting to those two monitors so because it’s a metal cabinet it’s going to be shielded against that external interference and give you crystal clear pictures to both of those monitors again at a 4k Ultra High Definition resolution which is really important so that’s pretty much it for the unboxing.

1 x 2 Hdmi Splitter 4k



Now I’m going to spend a minute or two talking about the specifications of what you can expect this unit to do for you then we’ll take a closer look at the product so stay tuned and we’ll get into that several key features the UHD s – 102 provides include the ability to split a full HDMI signal between two mono that signal could be spread over 30 meters of distance between those monitors the splitter provides support for a full HD signal internal conditioning of that signal to ensure you get the clearest picture possible and finally a full metal enclosure to reduce interference from outside signal sources now we’ll take a closer look at the parts that come with the kit which include a splitter and the power supply the power supply is a standard 5 volt DC power supply it’s very simple to use plug this end into the wall this connector gets plugged into the back and you’re all set on the front panel of the splitter you’ve got a series of LEDs running left to right then indicate good power good input connection to the output monitor 1a connection output monitor .

When you first connect this up the power indicator will test to make sure that you’ve got a valid 5 volt DC power supply that’s working fine and that will light up on the back there are connections for the input and to monitor outputs the input connection would come from your media device so if it’s your DVD player your cable box once you plug that in the unit test to make sure that HDMI connection is valid and secure and it actually lights up so once that lights up you know you have a great HDMI connection from the device these to indicate connections to your monitors so when you connect up your first monitor here again that HDMI connection is tested from the unit when it assesses that that connection is good and valid it’ll light up same thing will happen on output 2 I’ll show you those connections in a minute the e did switch over here has to do with the different timing standards on HDMI it also has to do with security and you really don’t have to worry about figuring out which one of these works because you can just flip between them .

I would leave it on standard to start with and if it works fine just leave it alone if you’re having issues where the pictures not quite right you can flip that switch I would recommend powering it down powering it back up by simply unplugging the connection on the back and plugging it back in and that should solve your problems for you most companies don’t give you that switch so you’re stuck from the factory or one or the other and you’ll find that some of those won’t work with your components on the back of the unit here are your connections for power again DC 5 volts this is your HDMI in that comes from the components or your DVD player your cable box that’s your first monitor connection and that’s your second monitor connection my recommendation is always to make these connections first then power up the unit that way you’ve got these connected firmly and you’re not getting any kind of spikes and plugging in them in while the unit’s up and you can do it either way but again the recommendation is to make sure these are all plugged in and then power up the unit and that’s pretty much it it’s a very simple device to use does a really nice job of splitting a standard HDMI signal between two different monitors or widescreen displays.


Now I’ll show you just how easy it is to connect up the UHD s – 102 to a splitter essentially what you’ve got is an HDMI splitter that will take one input and output it to two different displays at the same time now currently I’ve got a media player over there plugged into this display you can see that I’ve got content on the screen all I’ll do is disconnect the HDMI cable from the back of the first display and again that’s coming from the media player and I’ll plug that to the HDMI in that’s my source then I’ll take a shortage DMI cable and connect it up from that monitor to the splitter and I’ll use HDMI out one I can use either one but I’ll use the first position because that’s my main screen now nothing’s happening because it’s not powered up next thing you’ll do is power up the unit now when I power up the unit watch two things you’ll see the power indicator come on immediately you’ll notice the HDMI IN and the HDMI out one will both light out but they take a couple of seconds to do that and that’s because the unit itself is smart enough to check the HDMI signal to make sure that it’s solid and it’s strong and also to make sure it’s got a decent display behind it so I’ll plug it in you’ll see the power indicator come on right away these two will power up in a second you’ll see them both come on once it’s verified the signal is strong and it’ll display it now what I’ll do for the second display is actually connect up another HDMI cable to this one and I’ll connect that up to HDMI output to the same thing will happen if you notice the light is out in the front right now the LED is not lit the minute I connect it up it takes a couple of seconds for it to actually determine that it’s got a good monitor connected to that second port and it will display on in the second port as well and that’s pretty much it the nice thing again is it’s a small compact unit it’s made in a totally metal enclosure which means it’s going to be durable it’s going to last an awful long time for you and it couldn’t be simpler to use so stay tuned I’ll give you some final thoughts on the product we hope this overview has been helpful in understanding how the UHDS – 102 high-definition splitter can help you with your home or professional media needs.

On the splitter let’s get a little closer look at this real quick okay so on the HDMI 4k splitter of course you’ve got two outputs and then B input and then power and then you have a copy auto switch which is for that the edid so copy if you want to copy the lowest resolution between the two TVs which would be on two and/or just Auto for auto detecting okay so let’s go ahead and hook up this 4k HDMI splitter I’m going to go ahead and do it first on the 4k TV so we can see that signal so we’re coming up from the blu-ray player go in this cable HDMI cables going to the 4k TV I let the edid switch in auto go ahead and power it up client and right here it’s 3840 by 2160 or 4k picture 4k up here so they showing the capability of this 1 by 2 splitter scores at the 4k level so now what we’re going to go ahead and do is we’ll hook it up I’ll go ahead and copy the edid from this TV .

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